Danced For The Aliens

There was a party which had been organized at an abandoned train station in Phnom Penh and we decided to go. I was excited, as I knew something was going to happen, but I was unsure what. I could feel a lot of  high vibrational energy within me and I knew I had to dance to release it.

The party was organized on a large train station platform with the track running along side it. There wasn’t a massive amount of people but enough to have a good party. I started to dance. I was dancing with everyone and anyone. It was a strange thing, as I would need a few drinks to lose my inhibitions a little but this time I knew I had to dance and block out any negative energy that anyone threw at me. It was important. I don’t know why, but it was important. I must of got a few looks because when I danced I really did go for it. It was none of your stepping side to side it was moving my body like it was my last dancing night ever. People probably thought I was on drugs or drank too much alcohol but that wasn’t the case. I had so much energy coming through me that needed to be released and I had to release it.

After my epic dance I joined my housemate Alison and we sat on the tracks of the train track. We looked up into the sky and there was about 20 UFO’s dancing. I knew they were dancing for me to say thank you for what I had done. Now that does sound crazy and egotistical and bizarre, but its really how I felt. Alison couldn’t believe at what she was viewing. I told her to open her mind and that we are not alone.The dancing had brought me up into a higher state of consciousness where seeing all these UFO’s was so normal and not even shocking and I felt so connected to those UFO’s, it was like they were family. Its strange to even write that, but it was what I felt at the time. The crafts danced and put on a beautiful display for us. I noticed another girl step onto the track to join us and at that moment all the UFO’s disappeared at the exact same time. It was like the UFO’s was just for Alison and I to experience and no one else.

I have wondered over the years what I did that evening, why the dancing and why did I feel so connected to those ships. I feel that I was asked to channel high vibrational energy into that area. I’m not sure why but it felt important. We humans work on so many levels. We are truly multi dimensional beings so understanding our actions while situated in the 3rd dimension with very little understanding of who are and why we are here is confusing. However, the higher we go in vibration the more understanding of who we are and why we are here becomes clear.

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ET Encounters

My first one was way back when I was approximately 24 years old. It was a Summers day and I stepped out of my house to jump into my car, but before I did I looked up into the Sky. As clear as day there was a flying saucer stationed in the sky just over my neighbours house. I was completely stunned. I couldn’t move or even speak. I wanted to shout to Paul (husband) who was inside the house, but I couldn’t seem to get my words out. I stood there for a good two or three minutes just mesmerised by this thing and I felt two beings looking right at me from the craft. I couldn’t see them but intuitively I knew that I was being watched. All of a sudden, the saucer flew off so fast it was difficult for my eyes to keep it in range. There was no sound from this craft and it was a beautiful looking craft, smooth, silver and futuristic.

It was around this time I noticed a triangle shape mark on my right shoulder. It is still on my shoulder today. Its like a tiny triangle tattoo. I found out during my awakening that these are common marks for people who have been abducted  by Aliens. I don’t know which Alien race has done this or why, but I do remember being abducted an couple of times and both memories are very pleasant, which ill tell you about along the way.

Another encounter…

I first noticed I was with someone who wasn’t human when I was in Malaysia. Paul and I was staying on an island off the coast of Malaysia. We were sitting at a table in a local bar. I was at the time waking up to the Illuminati and NWO and all the darkness that had infiltrated into our reality. I’m not sure how it happened but we ended up sitting with two men. The looked like father and son, one being in his mid 20’s and the other in his late 40’s. They had olive skin and dark hair with French accents. I was just chatting to the older gentleman and I looked into his eyes and knew immediately that he was not from this world. You can tell so much by peoples eyes, they really are the gateway to the soul. I asked straight away why he was living on planet Earth. He wasn’t shocked at my question or the other questions that followed and told me he chose to live here on Earth. His “son” asked if I could see it in him to but when I looked into his eyes I couldn’t and I said so. He laughed like I was so stupid and didn’t know anything, throwing his hands in the air implying he was the same as the being he was sitting next to . My mind was racing and wanting to know everything.  I asked if he was an angel, he didn’t agree or disagree just stared into my eyes. Really he only confirmed that he wasn’t from planet, but chose to live here on Earth. The pub was closing and we had to leave but I didn’t want to leave him, his eyes were so beautiful  and endless. It was like staring into another world which had so much beauty and love in it. He held my hands and said we would meet again someday and I really hope we do

Looking back I wish I handled it better than I did. I was completely unprepared for it and I didn’t ask the right questions. He actually stated I was asking the wrong questions but even with his help my mind wasn’t able to bring itself together. I never imagined I would ever encounter  a being not from this world, so when confronted with it, it was a shock. At that time, I thought all aliens looked like little green men so this was totally unexpected. I said to Paul after we parted with the two men that I believed he was an angel and maybe he was.

I have had so many encounters now and just writing this more are popping into my mind which I wish to share and I will along the way.







Being Screwed And Paying For It!

When my awakening was in full swing it was very intense. I didn’t even know I was going through an awakening at the time. I didn’t know what an awakening was, I was not spiritual in anyway prior to this, so I had no knowledge or understanding of what was happening to me. Why all of a sudden I was seeing Mother Ships, Encountering Aliens and  living off the Universal energy instead of food and water. What started the ball rolling?

A couple months before leaving the UK I changed my diet. I did this, as I became sensitive to wheat and diary. Also that year, I had suffered two broken bones and was given a diagnosis of Osteopenia, which meant my bones were weak and if I didn’t make them strong with calcium medication I was going to end up with Osteoporosis. This diagnosis is what old people get, so why did I have this? My thyroid wasn’t functioning correctly either and was low. My body wasn’t happy! They prescribed me thyroid and calcium medication. I hate medications, I don’t even take the pill!  Luckily within a space of a week of being diagnosed my soon to be husband found an article about the sweetener Aspartame and how it stops the calcium absorbing into your bones. At that point I stopped drinking the chemical crap that I drank a lot of and in a space of two weeks my thyroid and calcium levels returned to normal. A sweetener  was the cause to all my medical problems. This sweetener had caused me to be in plaster casts for 10 weeks in total. I also suffered all the symptoms of low thyroid so I had basically felt like shit for months and the cause was this nasty chemical, which I was digesting in a diet soda drink. This was such a big eye opener for me. The NHS was very happy for me to go on life long medication instead of getting to the cause of the issue plus I had just been lied to at the cost of my health by a big corporation and the diet industry. So lets get this right, so the diet industry, pharmaceutical industry and a large corporation which sold the chemical crap all contributed to making money out of me at the cost of my health. Actually, this was my first realisation that the world I was living in was screwing me and everyone else in it.




Motherships and The Source

I was 27, which is an interesting age as lots of programmed famous celebrities die at 27 years old (Google the 27 club), but when I was 27 I woke up to my reality and other realities around me.

I just got married and was backpacking around Asia and I read a book called Thanks For The Memories by Cathy O’Brien, which blew me away. At the time, I was obsessed by crappy celebrity magazines which all they did was make me feel fat and ugly, but I still read them. Crazy huh! But Cathy O’Brien talked about being a sex slave to the most powerful people in the World and projected a very different reality in what we call the celebrity world. She also talked about being programmed and not knowing she was programmed, which I found fascinating. How can someone be programmed and not know it? Through reading her book, I learnt we are all programmed and the programming starts straight away, as soon as we enter into a tiny baby’s body, our DNA structures us, we feel our mother emotions, learn her fears, her highs. We receive programming from our governments through TV and schooling. Its pretty impossible not to be programmed when you decide to take the challenge of being human on Earth.

I was in Malaysia on a night bus listening to my music on my headphones. I was thinking about the book and how I had been programmed. Got me thinking about who the hell was I. What was I before the programs began?? And at that moment I asked that question to myself my life changed forever.  Part of my consciousness was lifted out of my body, it was like someone opened up my skull and my consciousness raised up a little above my body. I then felt pure love flow through my consciousness and body. Lots of information was given to me during this moment but I cant recollect it all. However, I knew the love was not from this world, it was being projected to me from outside this reality and it was so strong, so beautiful I just wanted to fully leave my body. I wanted to go to the source of this great powerful beautiful energy as I knew that is all I wanted and needed. All I wanted what that energy, nothing else just love. The love we feel here on Earth is tiny in comparison to the love I felt at that time. I was given a choice to stay or to go but I decided to stay as I didn’t want to leave my husband alone and fear crept in.  However, the energy gave me my answer to my question. Who was I before I was programmed and the answer from The Source was PURE LOVE.

We are all Pure Love projected down into this reality, this reality is not real, but it looks and  feels so real that getting caught up in it is so easy to do even for the awakened kind.

Strangely, I pulled away and sank back down into my body. I immediately looked out of the window of the bus and saw we were driving over the bridge into Kuala Lumpur. The Sun was beginning to rise and I could see three Mother Ships stationed in the sky over the city. The ships were so large and heavy but they were afloat over the city. I was is complete awe of it. How can we not see these ships all the time?. What are they doing over Kuala Lumpur? Who or what is in these ships? I received answers to some of this questions but I’m still open to what I saw. I feel these ships are over every city in the world. They are owned by an alien race which harvest negative energy from Mother Earth and Us. The reason they are over the cities is because that can feed/collect/harvest lots of negative energy in one area. I believe we don’t see these ships all the times as they are vibrating slightly out of our vision and therefore only when we break outside the normal vibration can we see these ships.

The days, weeks and months ahead were very strange, I was like a baby with new eyes, seeing a new reality for the first time even though I had lived in this reality for 27 years, but the one that was presenting its self to me was completely different.

Future Of Earth And The Human Race

I was meditating this evening and Dolores Cannon came and visited me. I haven’t practiced for a few months, but she came and said hello and enlightened me on a subject which I wish to share.

Dolores asked me to merge with Mother Earth. I did and it was incredible! At first, I tried to ground her and felt all connections she has with every planet in this universe, like the cords we have with one another. Every planet is connected by cords of energy. Imagine earth connected to every planet in a DNA structure, straight down and in a figure of 8, that is how all energy is connected, in that format. Mother Earth is a tiny part of a gigantic structure which looks like the DNA structure. We are an important planet not because we are special in anyway, but like an domino effect, if one domino is not placed properly it will effect the rest of the dominos and therefore will not fulfill it’s duty or job in connecting all structure energy together.
I also felt her chakras and her solar chakra was blocked, her power! She has so much power, but is not using it. I felt this also mirrored the human race and therefore we are evolving together and the next step for Humans and Earth is to realise our power,  not to be frightened of it. We can use our power in a way to achieve massive changes that maybe painful at first, but will lead to long standing empowerment, higher vibrations and continued evolution of all energy in that we are connected too. I.e Earth, humans , Solar system, the whole of consciousness.  It’s like the whole of the Solar System will bounce higher and who knows maybe all of the planets are going through these changes of evolution as well. Higher vibrations and enlightenment is coming. Keep your chakras clear and when decisions are needed, action to be taken, use your God Given Power and Use it.

I was also shown a planet that we are connected to which only holds dark energy, no light at all which is filtering dark energy into our planet which is why dark occurred on our planet in the beginning. Once Earth has cleared her chakra she will block this infiltration. The only dark we will have is that inside of us to transform into light.

I was also shown that due to gaining her power back all nature will become more powerful including us as the energy will infiltrate into the collective. Even the unconscious individual will become conscious of our connection to everything. I was then shown that the farming industry will  change dramatically, as people will feel so connected to animals that slaughtering them in the way that we do will be impossible to do. Our whole structure will change as people will feel more powerful to make the changes.
People will move to live in nature and low vibrations of depression and loneliness will be released as unity and connection will be felt instead.


My name is Rebecca! I have been asked to write a blog about my spiritual journey over the last few years in order to help others out there who maybe going through the same issues that I have encountered along the way.

It hasn’t been a easy journey to say the least however I have learnt an enormous amount which I would like to pass on.

I wish to tell you about my awakening experiences, battling Jinn, Reptilians, a Black Magician and Tall Greys. I have also encountered Angels, Light Beings, Blue Beings, Shamans, Reptilian Hybrids and others that I do not have names for.

I would also like to write about the amazing people that have helped me along the way as without them I’m sure my journey on this life path would of been very short. They helped me FINDTHELIGHT and I hope I can help others find theirs.

I will also write about my astral travels, as I receive lots of interesting information which I would like to share.

Thank you for reading my blog. xxx