Future Of Earth And The Human Race

I was meditating this evening and Dolores Cannon came and visited me. I haven’t practiced for a few months, but she came and said hello and enlightened me on a subject which I wish to share.

Dolores asked me to merge with Mother Earth. I did and it was incredible! At first, I tried to ground her and felt all connections she has with every planet in this universe, like the cords we have with one another. Every planet is connected by cords of energy. Imagine earth connected to every planet in a DNA structure, straight down and in a figure of 8, that is how all energy is connected, in that format. Mother Earth is a tiny part of a gigantic structure which looks like the DNA structure. We are an important planet not because we are special in anyway, but like an domino effect, if one domino is not placed properly it will effect the rest of the dominos and therefore will not fulfill it’s duty or job in connecting all structure energy together.
I also felt her chakras and her solar chakra was blocked, her power! She has so much power, but is not using it. I felt this also mirrored the human race and therefore we are evolving together and the next step for Humans and Earth is to realise our power,  not to be frightened of it. We can use our power in a way to achieve massive changes that maybe painful at first, but will lead to long standing empowerment, higher vibrations and continued evolution of all energy in that we are connected too. I.e Earth, humans , Solar system, the whole of consciousness.  It’s like the whole of the Solar System will bounce higher and who knows maybe all of the planets are going through these changes of evolution as well. Higher vibrations and enlightenment is coming. Keep your chakras clear and when decisions are needed, action to be taken, use your God Given Power and Use it.

I was also shown a planet that we are connected to which only holds dark energy, no light at all which is filtering dark energy into our planet which is why dark occurred on our planet in the beginning. Once Earth has cleared her chakra she will block this infiltration. The only dark we will have is that inside of us to transform into light.

I was also shown that due to gaining her power back all nature will become more powerful including us as the energy will infiltrate into the collective. Even the unconscious individual will become conscious of our connection to everything. I was then shown that the farming industry will  change dramatically, as people will feel so connected to animals that slaughtering them in the way that we do will be impossible to do. Our whole structure will change as people will feel more powerful to make the changes.
People will move to live in nature and low vibrations of depression and loneliness will be released as unity and connection will be felt instead.


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