Being Screwed And Paying For It!

When my awakening was in full swing it was very intense. I didn’t even know I was going through an awakening at the time. I didn’t know what an awakening was, I was not spiritual in anyway prior to this, so I had no knowledge or understanding of what was happening to me. Why all of a sudden I was seeing Mother Ships, Encountering Aliens and  living off the Universal energy instead of food and water. What started the ball rolling?

A couple months before leaving the UK I changed my diet. I did this, as I became sensitive to wheat and diary. Also that year, I had suffered two broken bones and was given a diagnosis of Osteopenia, which meant my bones were weak and if I didn’t make them strong with calcium medication I was going to end up with Osteoporosis. This diagnosis is what old people get, so why did I have this? My thyroid wasn’t functioning correctly either and was low. My body wasn’t happy! They prescribed me thyroid and calcium medication. I hate medications, I don’t even take the pill!  Luckily within a space of a week of being diagnosed my soon to be husband found an article about the sweetener Aspartame and how it stops the calcium absorbing into your bones. At that point I stopped drinking the chemical crap that I drank a lot of and in a space of two weeks my thyroid and calcium levels returned to normal. A sweetener  was the cause to all my medical problems. This sweetener had caused me to be in plaster casts for 10 weeks in total. I also suffered all the symptoms of low thyroid so I had basically felt like shit for months and the cause was this nasty chemical, which I was digesting in a diet soda drink. This was such a big eye opener for me. The NHS was very happy for me to go on life long medication instead of getting to the cause of the issue plus I had just been lied to at the cost of my health by a big corporation and the diet industry. So lets get this right, so the diet industry, pharmaceutical industry and a large corporation which sold the chemical crap all contributed to making money out of me at the cost of my health. Actually, this was my first realisation that the world I was living in was screwing me and everyone else in it.





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