ET Encounters

My first one was way back when I was approximately 24 years old. It was a Summers day and I stepped out of my house to jump into my car, but before I did I looked up into the Sky. As clear as day there was a flying saucer stationed in the sky just over my neighbours house. I was completely stunned. I couldn’t move or even speak. I wanted to shout to Paul (husband) who was inside the house, but I couldn’t seem to get my words out. I stood there for a good two or three minutes just mesmerised by this thing and I felt two beings looking right at me from the craft. I couldn’t see them but intuitively I knew that I was being watched. All of a sudden, the saucer flew off so fast it was difficult for my eyes to keep it in range. There was no sound from this craft and it was a beautiful looking craft, smooth, silver and futuristic.

It was around this time I noticed a triangle shape mark on my right shoulder. It is still on my shoulder today. Its like a tiny triangle tattoo. I found out during my awakening that these are common marks for people who have been abducted  by Aliens. I don’t know which Alien race has done this or why, but I do remember being abducted an couple of times and both memories are very pleasant, which ill tell you about along the way.

Another encounter…

I first noticed I was with someone who wasn’t human when I was in Malaysia. Paul and I was staying on an island off the coast of Malaysia. We were sitting at a table in a local bar. I was at the time waking up to the Illuminati and NWO and all the darkness that had infiltrated into our reality. I’m not sure how it happened but we ended up sitting with two men. The looked like father and son, one being in his mid 20’s and the other in his late 40’s. They had olive skin and dark hair with French accents. I was just chatting to the older gentleman and I looked into his eyes and knew immediately that he was not from this world. You can tell so much by peoples eyes, they really are the gateway to the soul. I asked straight away why he was living on planet Earth. He wasn’t shocked at my question or the other questions that followed and told me he chose to live here on Earth. His “son” asked if I could see it in him to but when I looked into his eyes I couldn’t and I said so. He laughed like I was so stupid and didn’t know anything, throwing his hands in the air implying he was the same as the being he was sitting next to . My mind was racing and wanting to know everything.  I asked if he was an angel, he didn’t agree or disagree just stared into my eyes. Really he only confirmed that he wasn’t from planet, but chose to live here on Earth. The pub was closing and we had to leave but I didn’t want to leave him, his eyes were so beautiful  and endless. It was like staring into another world which had so much beauty and love in it. He held my hands and said we would meet again someday and I really hope we do

Looking back I wish I handled it better than I did. I was completely unprepared for it and I didn’t ask the right questions. He actually stated I was asking the wrong questions but even with his help my mind wasn’t able to bring itself together. I never imagined I would ever encounter  a being not from this world, so when confronted with it, it was a shock. At that time, I thought all aliens looked like little green men so this was totally unexpected. I said to Paul after we parted with the two men that I believed he was an angel and maybe he was.

I have had so many encounters now and just writing this more are popping into my mind which I wish to share and I will along the way.








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