Danced For The Aliens

There was a party which had been organized at an abandoned train station in Phnom Penh and we decided to go. I was excited, as I knew something was going to happen, but I was unsure what. I could feel a lot of  high vibrational energy within me and I knew I had to dance to release it.

The party was organized on a large train station platform with the track running along side it. There wasn’t a massive amount of people but enough to have a good party. I started to dance. I was dancing with everyone and anyone. It was a strange thing, as I would need a few drinks to lose my inhibitions a little but this time I knew I had to dance and block out any negative energy that anyone threw at me. It was important. I don’t know why, but it was important. I must of got a few looks because when I danced I really did go for it. It was none of your stepping side to side it was moving my body like it was my last dancing night ever. People probably thought I was on drugs or drank too much alcohol but that wasn’t the case. I had so much energy coming through me that needed to be released and I had to release it.

After my epic dance I joined my housemate Alison and we sat on the tracks of the train track. We looked up into the sky and there was about 20 UFO’s dancing. I knew they were dancing for me to say thank you for what I had done. Now that does sound crazy and egotistical and bizarre, but its really how I felt. Alison couldn’t believe at what she was viewing. I told her to open her mind and that we are not alone.The dancing had brought me up into a higher state of consciousness where seeing all these UFO’s was so normal and not even shocking and I felt so connected to those UFO’s, it was like they were family. Its strange to even write that, but it was what I felt at the time. The crafts danced and put on a beautiful display for us. I noticed another girl step onto the track to join us and at that moment all the UFO’s disappeared at the exact same time. It was like the UFO’s was just for Alison and I to experience and no one else.

I have wondered over the years what I did that evening, why the dancing and why did I feel so connected to those ships. I feel that I was asked to channel high vibrational energy into that area. I’m not sure why but it felt important. We humans work on so many levels. We are truly multi dimensional beings so understanding our actions while situated in the 3rd dimension with very little understanding of who are and why we are here is confusing. However, the higher we go in vibration the more understanding of who we are and why we are here becomes clear.

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