What dimension am I in?

My reality was speaking to me, it was showing me what I needed to know. I was going through an intensive education of who I was and where I was and sometimes it was tricky to understand what the Universe was trying to teach me.

I remember being in Siem Reap, Cambodia and sitting in a crowded restaurant/bar and in a blink of an eye half the people there changed, all their facial features became alien like and there was a  large range of all different types of aliens. I was looking around amazed. I started to tell my husband what I was seeing. Was I in Star Trek, as it felt like it. I wasn’t frightened just in awe of it all. At that point two tall blonde men sat down next to me and my husband. I knew they were not from this world but what world were we in? At the time I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of money and they started telling me on how it works. It was like I had popped over to a different dimension and landed back in this world totally forgetting the concept of money. Why do we need it, how do we get it etc etc. The tall blonde men left shortly after. I don’t know why they joined us but I felt they sensed I was Waking Up.

Why did people’s features change and why did I totally forget about money??? I don’t know for sure. Maybe the universe was trying to tell me that there are worlds where all different beings live together like Star Trek and there was no need for money as they work on the concept as Star Trek does or maybe I was seeing Star Seeds: Souls who were living an alien life and decided to come to Earth to help humans and Earth ascend and I was seeing their true form. It was sometimes tricky to understand what the universe was trying to teach me, some lessons were straight forward and some were not..







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