An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Negativity Away.

I had a strong feeling that I came to Earth on a mission. What that mission was I was still unsure and when I asked the question to myself all I got back was to keep my vibrations high.

Sex changed during my awakening, my drive for it was sky high and thankfully my husband was there to assist. Every orgasm I had I seemed to gain more information about my reality. I learnt so much through having sex and this also happened when I danced. When I danced, I would feel the music, become one with the vibrations which would lift me up higher and more clarity I would gain, it was incredible!

Sex and dancing is a natural way of reaching higher vibrations and it is funny how the establishment and religions have tried to suppress sex and dancing because they know the benefits it has on us. Good Catholic priests, nuns, Buddhist monks refrain from sex in order to be closer to their God. In my exsperience sex actually brings us closer to God/The Source.  Keep dancing and generate lots of orgasms as by doing these two things you really are making the world a better place.


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