Thank you David Icke!

My awakening was at the most heightened while in Siem Reap, Cambodia. There were days where I felt pure love running through me and felt love for everyone and everything, but I did have days of a lot of anxiety, as I was trying to figure everything out. My brain was working overdrive trying to  piece all the pieces together. My husband was amazing and kept me calm and grounded as much as possible during this time. Music also helped and I would listen to it constantly. I would hear so much more in the music, it was like it had been written by source to help us wake up and know that we are not alone. I also discovered David Icke, the most amazing being and I remember sitting for hours in internet cafes watching him on stage at Brixton Academy. Everything he was saying I resonated with and lots of it paralleled with the information I had been receiving during my awakening. Thank God David Icke was talking about it all, as where my conscious mind was struggling to piece it all together David Icke manage to deliver the information and my reality became clearer. Thank you David!

I remember feeling homesick, but I knew my home wasn’t on Earth, it was somewhere else. I felt this so strong my heart ached. I also knew with great sadness that the only way there was to leave my body. To this day, I still have waves of feeling of not wanting to be on this planet. I know that there is so much love outside this reality and this reality can be so hard to live in at times. I would never commit suicide but the feeling of not wanting to be here flows through me from time to time since my awakening.


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