Rebuilding My Life

Near the end of my intense awakening my life fell apart. My husband and I separated and I traveled back home to the UK. I was pregnant, jobless and homeless. Thankfully my Dad let me stay at his and my previous employer gave me a job. However, being at my Dad’s I was able to afford to attend Dolores Cannon: Quantum Healing Technique Seminar, which was based in Oxford in 2011 over a long weekend. By this time I was heavily pregnant. I left it to the last minute to book my place and unfortunately couldn’t get a room so I had to travel there and back daily which took 6 hours of traveling. However it was worth it!

Dolores was exactly like what you see on You Tube, warm friendly but didn’t take no fools either. The large group who were there taking her class were from all over the world, some even as far as Brazil. Amazing vibe!

Dolores went through her techniques and the last day conducted a live therapy session for everyone to witness. It was incredible to watch and I felt so grateful so be on that course. I knew in my heart that this therapy was positively life changing for people but I didn’t realise it would also be life changing to be a practitioner.

After the intense training, my first victim was my mum and to my surprise it worked. My mum went under, saw three of her past-lives. In one of her past-lives she lost her little brother to starvation and felt tremendous guilt to have survived even though she was only a little girl at the time, a very emotional situation. However it explained why she had great joy feeding everyone. If your not eating while at my mother house then in my mums mind there is something very wrong. Thankfully she is an amazing cook so eating her food is not so difficult to do.




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