Speaking To An Negative Entity

I gave birth to my beautiful son late 2011 and fell in love with this beautiful being. I couldn’t be apart from him and we became two peas in a pod. My husband came back from Asia and we started to patch up our relationship. When my son was three months old, my beautiful sister and brother in-law flew me out to El Paso, Texas to stay with them. They had a beautiful large house with a pool and lots of sun rays to soak up. I was suppose to go for 4 weeks but ended up staying for 3 months. I think I would of stayed longer but my visa ran out. I found the American people very warm and friendly and just loved the sunshine.

My sister’s coffee morning friends wanted regressions and I was very happy to do them. I loved doing them! I find people the most interesting and I also was very keen to practice my newly learnt skill. .

The first lady I regressed was called Sarah. A teacher who wanted to retire, but was worried about her funds. I conducted the therapy at her home in El Paso. The therapy was a success. I asked if she wanted another one, so I could practice and she could enjoy finding out more revealing information about herself. However something very strange took place during her second regression.

I started off as normal and I guided her through three of her past-lives, I then took her deeper into hypnosis and asked for her higher-self to come through. Her voice changed tone and she started to speak in third person, which are two signs that you are speaking to that person’s higher-self. However this was not the case! .

This entity which was speaking through her knew lots about my family and especially information regarding me. It was information that Sarah could have not known about, so I knew it wasn’t Sarah I was speaking to, but who was it? It didn’t sound like the higher-self either, as this entity I was speaking to was just inciting fear onto me. The higher-self is full of love and would never transfer fear onto a client or a practitioner. This entity informed me that I would have another child (girl) and when my first child reaches the age of 7 years old, all three of us would die (my son, daughter and myself) and it would propel my husband into making a positive change that would help humanity.

This was not the first time I heard this message. When I was in Malaysia during my awakening which was roughly a year prior, I was sitting at a restaurant with my husband and I was talking all about my realization regarding the reptilians and how they have no creativity and then from nowhere  I said the exact same message that Sarah channeled through. The message was exactly the same word for word.

The entity also told me that a bomb was being prepared to go off at the London Olympics which was where my husband was working and living at the time. As you can imagine this entity frightened the hell out of me. I brought Sarah back around and we went to a restaurant and it got even stranger.

We arrived at the restaurant and Sarah seemed OK. and passed on some revealing information. Sarah was a teacher and she told me that the majority of her students were not human. She also informed me that she was trained to hypnotize these students and in fact all teachers in the USA are trained in this. She said she didn’t do it but I didn’t believe her.  I asked her how did she knew they weren’t human and she said you can just tell.

This information started to open my eyes and it would be my next visit to America that I would actually meet two reptilian hybrids and endure a very frightening visitation.

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2 thoughts on “Speaking To An Negative Entity

  1. Regarding this message: “The entity also told me that a bomb was being prepared to go off at the London Olympics…”

    If you are unfamiliar with Michael Shrimpton, I recommend you listen to his interviews with Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot on YouTube regarding this planned event.

    Keep up the good work!

    Sofia Mona Lisa


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