Meeting A Hybrid Reptilian

Back in El Paso, Texas. This time with my husband, son and my mum. We are all at a coffee shop with my sisters friends and a lady in her 40’s approached our table. I looked at her and she was a reptilian hybrid. Her pupils were shaped like cat eyes with very high cheek bones. It was so obvious, I looked at my husband and he also had noticed. She said hello to the people we were sitting with (my sisters friends) and sat with her husband on the table behind us. I felt so excited, that I had actually seen a hybrid. Paul and I left the table to discuss what we had seen. Paul (hubby) actually became ill for some strange reason while still in the building and had to go to the bathroom. We put it down to the coffee but I wonder if something else was at play.

I got back to my sisters and I sent a email to Sarah, as my sister said that the hybrid lady knows Sarah. Sarah was the lady I met last time I was in America  who was a teacher and she told me about the reptilian hybrids and how most of her pupils were not human. Sarah also said that she was taught to hypnotise the children as all teachers in the States were.  Sarah got back to me confirming that the lady I saw was indeed a reptilian hybrid and that her husband was the same. Sarah also told me that the lady was a healer and was renowned for her healing abilities and she specialised in stomach issues. This threw me a bit as I believed at the time all reptilians were negative to the human race.

Paul and I went to bed that night. We had my sister’s spare bedroom and my son was already asleep in the bed. I climbed in and so did Paul. There was a big flash in the room. Paul jumped up to look out the window to see if he could see anything but couldn’t and got back into bed. Paul fell asleep. There was another flash and I felt scared. I lay there and the energy changed in the bedroom. I felt so hot. I tried to wake Paul up as there was something in the bedroom. I couldn’t see anything but whatever was in the bedroom felt mechanical. It felt like it was scanning me. Paul came round but it wasn’t Paul that was speaking. He was channelling an entity. I knew this entity as I had spoken to it before when I had regressed Paul during a quantum healing hypnosis therapy with him.  This entity was called Zen and we had spoken before as was it was Paul’s guide, who was a very kind being. But this point I am scared out my wits as whatever was in the room was not good.

Zen said that “they” are just checking me out. “They” want to know why you can see them. He also said that they will be back but not to be frightened.

The energy in the room returned back to normal and I knew whatever was in the room had gone. I woke Paul up and we went downstairs. I told him everything that had happened but he could recall parts of it. I thought we were up stairs for a maximum of 30 minutes, but to our surprise 2.5 hours had passed. I couldn’t believe it, I was completely gobsmacked.

Our visit to America at my sisters went down hill and it was good to get home. I actually went and seen a healer when I got back, as I didn’t feel myself. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with me, but I felt low, heavy and not myself. There was  a lot of negative energy during the end of our trip. The healer was amazing and got me back to normal. However, looking back and knowing what I know now, I think we were heavy hit with some very low vibrational energy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was connected to noticing the hybrid.

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