Reptilians Target The Empathic Psychic Child

Most people are totally unaware of how reptilians are involved in their life and how much damage they have done. They keep themselves well hidden. However, since I began to wake up I began to realise the impact the reptilians have had on me and my family. I keep meeting empathic and psychic people who tell the same childhood stories however they are completely unaware that it’s the Reptilians who are involved.

If you come across an empathic and psychic human, they generally have had a very difficult childhood. Their relationship with their main primary carer usually mother or/and father is abusive. They would have not felt loved, wanted, cherished and would have likely of been abused mentally and physically. They feel like the black sheep of the family as their siblings would have received the love and support that a child needs. I believe what happens is the mothers/father is programmed to reject an empathic/psychic child. Their spiritual cord to the child is cut by these reptilians and a reptilian is connected to the primary carer and child, which turns the mother against the empathic and psychic child. The child blocks off their heart chakra to protect itself from the pain and therefore is unable to use their natural abilities.The psychic and empathic child is also being programmed in the astral by the reptilians. The child grows up with many coping strategies, i.e. alcohol and drug use and sometimes carries on the cycle and attracts another abusive relationship and the circle continues. If the child can heal itself, break out of the programming, they will discover they are psychic and empathic and a gift to our reality.  They become the healer and able to channel love/information into our reality. Unfortunately our healers are attacked right from when they are in the womb and we are being used to attack them. The human race needs to become aware of this and the attachments can easily be detached. However being conscious of this is the hardest part. Psychics and healers need to learn to keep their channels protected and not be used by the dark or light being.

Before I went to America, I started to notice normal people with reptilian eyes. These people would either be intoxicated with alcohol or drugs or depressed. I knew these people were not reptilian, but what was going on? Seeing the hybrid in America, made me realise the difference between hybrids and attachments. Reptilians attach to people they want to influence, control, destroy mainly empathic and psychic people. The people with the attachments were unaware of the attachment. They run through families and follow the empathic and psychic DNA. The psychic and empathic human can channel love into this reality and bring higher vibrations which is a massive threat to them. Their goal is to destroy that code which threatens their existence.

Totto and I help individuals who have been targeted by these beings and others to help them overcome fears and remove any attachments and implants that may still be in place. We also teach protection and through this process the individual returns back to their original self, the self that the Reptilians didn’t want you to be. Fearless and conscious!

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30 thoughts on “Reptilians Target The Empathic Psychic Child

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post, It nice to know there are others out there how understand this, your post is like you are talking about my childhood and life, I can fully relate to what you know. thanks.


      1. Thanks for the nice reply, i never believed in things like the Reptilians and things like that for long time, But always felt like they had to be something targeting me since i have been very young and would see it in people around me, Thought i was crazy for years, i was blind to what was controlling me.

        I’m awake now, still learning of course, but i know that Reptilians are very real, also know of very smart large insect creatures too, some fly, some crawl and so on plus there seems to be many other beings too, All these different beings are mainly interested in the part of my back between shoulder blades, they rub it there and lay on it, they just love it there, also the upper part of neck.

        I have become very open and can feel them at a level i did not think possible, there seems to be mass to them, i do not see them as much as i feel them and when i say feel them, i mean i can feel all different parts of them, it’s quite amazing,
        Im having a problem this last year of local people from my town seeing things walking with me, quite a lot of people have seen them, it scares people so i stay home. every time i want to help people and love, i get attacked hard, when i learn more and understand a new level of these gifts we have inside, i get attacked.
        I find my mood can swing at times, like something is fighting me for control back of me.

        I have been awake now for just over a year and getting to feel more as time go’s by, been around people i can feel their health problems to the point where i feel their pain in me, seem to be able to hear in my mind and tested that and i have been right, that shocks people when you can do that, I feel like im aware of what i can do, but still fighting these beings off from controlling and feeding from me, so at this time i do not fully have full use of these wonderful gifts. But as time go’s by their control gets less. Its amazing how they work, when you get stronger they start to attack people around you to keep their control of you. they are always watching.

        Would love to see Mankind become what i know we could be.

        Been reading your posts, i have been searching for over a year online and talking to people and so on trying to find info which is REAL and yours is the first i have found. Thank you for taking the time to write down and get this info out to the world.


      2. Hi Stephan, you sound like you are having a difficult time. They do attack people who are very gifted and you probably may find that you have always been attack right from birth. I do help people like yourself. These beings want to keep you isolated and fearful. I have found however these beings are being controlled themselves and are made to do what they do. When I have detached beings from people, I take them to a beautiful place and they usually thank me as I have set them free too. I provide counseling to transcend the darkness which has been put onto people so re -attachments can not happen again. This process also lets you discover all your gifts which have been kept from you.
        Thank you for your kind words with regards to my blog. It has been life changing for me actually, never saw myself as a writer before. However, its brought some beautiful people in to my life.


  2. This is my experience too…I have seen them when I go “up”, once one was slogging thru a desert wearing an armor vest…one I confronted about abducting humans, he sneered and said “humans aren’t innocent!” Recently I saw myself confronting one , I became so angry that I called it a “piece of shit!” Does this sound like the situation in your article? I had an abusive mother and indifferent father. I know my soul purpose is to heal, and I have studied, initiated and cleared for many years, but I cannot seem to begin healing work, I feel stuck and afraid, as if to do so would endanger me. Can you help me?


    1. Hi Rita, sorry to hear of your struggles. We can help if you wish for it. The first point of call is to set up an initial session to chat about you and find out what has been going on. This is done over skype or facebook and then my partner and I will discuss together the best action to take and give you a detailed plan.


  3. I believe I have had a reptilian spirit following me for over a decade , I was messing with some dark occult shit when i was a kid . i look back at my life and i see how much it influenced me in negative ways . some positive but mostly really bad . then it held off destroying me so it could use me to destroy others . I have had multiple people call me out on being a reptilian or some type of hybrid granted they where probally on acid . it still shook me to the core . I recently confronted this enity . it looked like smoke but darker then a shadow . when it realised i could see it . it backed up . but continued to approach as I started to drift off to sleep . then I confronted it ” asking what are you? what do you want? then it transformed into this demonic looking creature with many red eyes and tentacles . that is the last thing i remember . . it was not sleep paralysis , i know what that feels like . i could still move this time . im not even sure if i should attempt a banishing ritual however i am fearful of the consequences


    1. Hi Shmaga, sorry to hear of your troubles. we can help if you wish for this. I would advised aganist rituals as it is not needed in this sort of work. The first port of cal would be to set up an initial consultation and after there I will discuss your case with my colleague and give you a detailed plan on your set to freedom. The first initial consultation if £45. This is conducted over skype or facebook. Let me know your thoughts . Kind regards Rebecca


  4. Blown away! This sounds EXACTLY like my experience. Even now, I still experience residual backlash from family members. This is an area of healing I have struggled with my whole life – shifting back and forth between cutting myself off from my family to protect myself to allowing myself to reengage only to be wounded again. This is TIMELY insight I require. Thank you!


    1. I happy this article has helped. With my experience the entity’s work through families so you are all victims to this but seeing this and learning to protect yourself. This really became apparent to me when I had babies as the attacks started to happen to them. learning to protect myself and loved ones has been quite a journey.


  5. But what if you are an empath and hypersensitive but come from a family that is made of psychopaths entirely (except you)? What about this DNA then?


    1. Many psychopath are really psychopaths they have attachments. The attachments work through that person to manipulate them and destroy people around them. You will probably find that the psychopath is a beautiful being which has been taken over. However, I do believe their are dark humans in the world or are very conscious of their wrong doings and have chosen to work for the dark. We are complex creatures!


  6. Thank you for the article. I am curious if you can explain what it is when I have seen the eyelids, lower lid on two people’s eyes become like a reptile, just for a split second, in slow motion, but unforgettable and only seen once on each. I am not in contact with these people now but worked closely with them at the time. I tried to research this in the past but could not find any information and even though I had read about reptilians, I could not equate this with these people, their line of work and ethics. Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Jane, I have also seen this and my finding have found that either these people are being used by a reptilian and influenced to conduct their life a certain way or they are a full reptile in a human body. Both possessions but one greater then the other. The reptilians like people with weakness so they can enter the body easily so a person with addictions and emotional pain. These are are not bad people and many are totally unaware what is going on.


  7. Yes, i understand about this beings are control them self too, there seems to be many levels of control going on, i noticed that and nice to have that confirmed.
    Yes i believe i have been targeted from birth, yes i believe they are trying to keep me isolated. As for fear part, i have no fear of them or people, i lost all fear about things just over a year ago for some reason, like it was taken from me.

    Things got worst starting a couple of years ago, when started new job and then after a while found out these people were part of a fundamental religion group, I’m away from them now, but things got a lot worst because of them, they wanted what i can do, they could tell i’m open to spiritual things, what they did is not something you write out in public forum, not good things, i started to get attacked more because of them by other very powerful being, it wanted me. im okay now, but it was quite something to go through.

    About a year ago is when things changed for me, some other kind of spirit being came to me, This one was very different, this one saved me from that fundamental group, wild animals love these spirits and would come up to me, i have many pictures of black bears smiling at them and pictures of mother bear and cub around me i have no pictures of the spiritual beings i can never get one and i have really tried hard too. I live in BC, Canada, lots of bears here, Bears would also scare people away from me, they did not want certain people around me at all, like they were looking out for me. all wild animals and eagles love these spirits. around this time is when i awoke more, i could feel things more, people starting seeing things around me more, my energy levels changed like i was not having something attached to me. Spirit beings do not seem to be able to attach to me any more like they did, but still try to, i can catch on now when the more powerful ones are working on me and stop it, they do not like me writing this out, im learning. i do not get attacked when in nature and i spend a lot of time in the mountains here with animals, only when i come around people, they do not want me helping people, i can tell that. but as i said they do not have the same control, its getting less slowly.

    I safe in nature, i can relax and play with energy and the vibrations of the world around me, its quite amazing what we humans can do, i wake up in nature with wild animals sleeping in my camp area quite often after a night feeling the vibrations of the world

    Also this area of B,C, Canada i live in has a very high energy level to it, A mix of dark and good strong energy, very active area.

    Seems there are many different realms and many different beings and they all seems to be interested in mankind. its an interesting world(s).

    Hope things i write out are also helpful to people.


  8. A lot of things sound so familiar. Could they influence by energy of money or creativity (for inst. sexual energy) by bloking the flow? Or attaching to the depression states of mind? I have sent an e-mail.


  9. This story is a mirrored image of my life I’m being told I’m on a fast pace of destruction and have had continual losses and then I continue to mask my emotions more and more causing more losses and feel everything is just spinning out of control at such a high speed I can’t salvage anything which leads to the feeling of helplessness and just continue to try to save everything making decisions out of desperation which leads me stuck in this downward spiral no matter how hard I am trying to stop it I’m beginning to doubt I can. I knew I was at a different level of standard people by being able to see things differently feel things differently and had really good luck when younger even while making bad decisions I knew the out come and always stayed steps ahead and life is catching up with me or something hijacked me two years ago and the circle started slow and continues to flow but speeding up as if something wants me to fail even tho I’m fighting so hard not to and to be somebody and do good I just find myself doing bad and chasing the good wanting good but bad is always there as a roadblock and I have to figure out a way around it and keep trying to do good.


    1. Hi Mike , so sorry to hear that life is really tough at the moment for you. I do do healing and you are very welcome to have a session with me. There would be a charge . Let me know if this is something that you would be interested in. Kind regards Rebecca


  10. wow you just told me my history.i have two brother who got loved but I was left out. I was mentally and physically abused. became an alcoholic most my life until recently. I look back and wonder wtf happened to me. has a kid a had a lot of anxiety.. loved sci-fi and space shows. I am empathic.i have awakened about 6 years ago. it hurts to watch tv as I see the truth and all the bs on it. even on the net. I now try to awaken others by posting and sharing the truth to many groups and people. but very strange things happen like I will post something good and big and a day later it will appear in a major site or group web site.or several. I told my brother about a year ago watch here and sure enough a while later he said yes you are right.and fb has deleted several groups from my page. and I get cencored a lot like a post will say-after I post it a day later-site not available or no url. or greenscreen/freeze a post and more.


  11. Yes, yes and yes. Totally sums up my life. I’ve felt someone following me and watching me always. I’ve added kinesiologists tell me I had dark entities attached to me and have removed them, air instantly felt better, but it always came back. As to the never being loved and all that, that has been the Bain of my life and is still following and affecting me. I’ve had both abusive relationships and parent, been abusing alcohol and drugs to forget, always wanted to heal and I see love and hearts everywhere. Whatever I try to do to start in to learn more to do healing, I always feel blocked, especially in the heart chakra. I’m scared to, but I want to break free. My instincts saved me from being abducted once. I’m tired of feeling this way, it’s making me negative, something I know I’m not. They’re trying to take away my loving power. Even now as I was writing the word love mysteriously got erased. I’m ready to cut all cords and chains holding me back, to grow and stretch my wings and be who I know I really am. I no longer want confusion, clouded reality, fear and a feeling of never fitting in/being good enough to be a part of my life. Please help x


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