Healing the Empath and Psychic

Healing is a scary thing to do but to help change this reality into a positive one we all need to heal, forgive and make peace with our past. If we all do that the dark with have nothing to work with.

By healing and reconnecting to your heart chakra you will open up your portal to source and be able to channel love into this reality. Love also carries everything that we wish to know including who we are and why we are here. There will be no need to rely on News or Conspiracy theorists to find out what is going on in the world as you will have the knowledge  within you.

The Reptilians have and are working in the astral to make sure we don’t open up our heart chakras as this will threaten their existence. There are also other beings doing the same. I have had negative dealing with the Tall Greys, Jinn and Angels who are all making sure we stay in the same paradigm. However Gaia (Earth) is evolving and is calling for us to evolve with her. Gaia is also reconnecting and opening up her heart chakra which will bring waves of Source energy into our reality (please see my blog Astral Travels with Dolores Cannon). To evolve with her we need to also connect with our heart chakra and open them up. Before we do this, we need to learn the basics

Detach negative energy and protect ourselves and learn to protect our children

With these two things in place, the dark and light beings can no longer use and abuse us. These techniques protected me from a Black Magician and Draconian Reptilians who had attached and abused me and my family for months.  Unfortunately they can still attack your reality but as long as these techniques are in place they will protect you from them attaching to your chakras and infiltrating your heart portal.

During my dealings with the Black Magician and Draconian Reptilians,  I learnt that certain substances lowers our protection which are alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. There maybe more, but these are the ones I am aware of.

I will be posting the meditation techniques up on my Facebook page over the next couple of days. However there is a fantastic link on there already of a guided meditation which guides you through detaching negative energy so please take a look.





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