Damian Part 2 – Archons Attack

Gozer and I met up regularly to discuss Damian’s work and life stuff. We became friends and I found it so interesting meeting up with her and we would talk about different species of aliens, mind control, and conspiracy stories that were going on in the world. Gozer did give me clues what she and Damian had planned for me, but I didn’t take the hints. Gozer told me before I even met Damian face to face that she had two previous friends that had been programmed as children and Damian did some deprogramming on them both. I remember her saying that one tried to commit suicide and ended up in hospital and the other one went off the rails too. I suppose you only hear what you want to hear!

Every time Gozer and I  met up, I would afterwards receive awful psychic attacks, which would start on the way home. I would feel severe anxiety and unusual thoughts that would race so fast in my mind it was hard to knowledge all of them. This would carry on for 6 or so hours. To the point I just had to curl up in a dark room and try and sleep through it. I remember one time my change of thought would change altogether and saw people as cattle and worthless and I was better then everyone else. All the signs of a Reptilian attachment but this was all new to me and I was unaware of what  was going on and not equipped to fix it. I told Gozer of these attacks and she went back to Damian and he said that it was the Archons. He said because the Archons want to stop Damian help save Planet Earth and its inhabitants so they attack him and the people around him and as I was close to Gozer I was a victim of it.

Looking back I can not believe I bought this crap, but I did and tens of thousands of people across the world also did and still do.

I became obsessed with Damion’s work and would watch his You Tube Videos and I even started to fantasies about leaving my husband for him. I should of noticed something was seriously wrong then, as he looks like a little nerd with not one ounce of sex appeal at all . The 40 year old virgin comes to mind. The 40 year old virgin with very dangerous dark friends.

One day, I started to feel really not myself.  I couldn’t think straight and didn’t know what was up with me and I ended up going to see a Reiki Practitioner.  She was a French lady and she picked up that I had a nasty attachment. Her cousin was there at the time and they both helped and detached the being. She didn’t understand what it was and said I had seriously pissed someone off which is why I had this attachment.

They attach at your base chakra then move up the chakras and when attached to all your chakras that is when full possession is gained.

I didn’t for one moment think the attachment was sent to me from Damian. Damian was working hard to enlighten mankind and help save the world from his Evil Dad who lives in Middle Earth. Oh yes, this is what he told me. I know, I am the worlds most gullible women and Gozer and Damian deserve Oscars.

Next Meeting Damion and life went seriously downhill.

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