Reptilian and Mantis Hybrid

Damian was and is a famous hybrid to the awakened audiences and was conducting Skype consultations most days as everyone wanted to share their stories and find some sort of answers, which he claimed he had. He also dealt with people who were having attacks from certain beings and helped them overcome them.  He advertised that he deprogrammed individuals who had been mind controlled. He was and maybe still is very popular and the waiting list to Skype him was up to 3 months during my time with them.

On the side he was also gathering all the awakened community together to create a network of people across the globe. He had people fill out internet forms and give personal information about their abilities, where they lived and names and people even pledged money and some people pledged money on a regular basis. There was a Facebook group set up so everyone could connect over Facebook. I know this as during my times with Gozer and Damien I started to do volunteer work for him. I complied the information together in spreadsheets, however this was also a dangerous post, as the volunteers would regularly get attacked by the Archons and there were  people dropping off like flies, but there were plenty  of Damien’s followers who jumped at the chance to volunteer for him.

I generally thought I was helping the awakened and helping to  connect the awakened people together. However, I was being used by the dark to help them gather intimate details and knowledge which would help them attack the awakened community far more easily.

Gozer’s birthday was approaching and she wanted to gather people from the Facebook page to attend her party and Damien to do a talk. I was roped in to help with this and my husband and I helped with the food and lent our marquee. This would be the first and only time I met Damien face to face. This man took me to a very dark place, a place that I thought I would never come back from. This is the man who sent reptilians to rape me and took me to the brink of losing my husband and cutting ties with my parents. However, even though it was attacking me or sending beings to attack me, he did connect me to the people who would help me regain my power back, overcome my fears and become who I am today. Fearless!

If it wasn’t for this man, I wouldn’t of connected to the people who taught me how to detach negative beings or the importance of knowing and finding your own empowerment. I also started to learn not to put others up on a peddle stool. We as a human race and individuals need to learn that we have the power within. No human or other being is going to save us, as by being saved would take away our own self power and we would be in the same paradigm that we are already in. Governed!  We need to discover our own power, as individuals and as a race. If you come across anyone in the awakened community who claim they can save us or that they have the answers but don’t give them as “Its not the right time”. then turn them off immediately. I know people do check peoples energy but energy can lie. Damien’s energy was very calm and I knew immediately when he was around me just by his calm energy. Calm would indicate safe, but he was the most dangerous man I had ever met. A devil in disguise who portrayed he was working for the awakened community, when in fact he was targeting the awakened community and he is still is to this very day.

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