In-Between Dark And Light.

It was a beautiful Summers day and the day was the day I was going to meet Damian. Gozer had organised a party as it was her birthday and she had invited all people who belonged to Damien’s Facebook page to join her and Damian.

I was looking forward to receiving some answers from Damian, as I had received many attacks and the last one was a very uncomfortable strange experience. I was woken up in the middle of the night, and someone or something was having sex with me. I couldn’t see them only feel them. I was in a state of consciousness where I couldn’t move or even scream. During the event, I fell deep into unconsciousness but I had remembered what had taken place. I spoke to Gozer the next day and she said she would speak to Damian. Gozer got back to me and said it was an reptilian who I was married to in my previous life and therefore came over and had some fun with me.

Now you must be thinking, why the hell did I continue to see Gozer or have any dealings with them. My life before was semi normal. I wasn’t being raped by beings I couldn’t see or experiencing any psychic attacks. Why the hell did I continue this friendship??? My only answer is I was under some sort of spell. I suppose it was like before I woke up to all the corruption in the world. There was a time I thought governments had our best interests at heart even though they were blatantly killing innocent people every year. I also use to believe that modern drugs were the best thing ever, even when I had nasty side effects from them. I suppose it was a bit like that. Even when problems are staring you in the face you refuse to acknowledge them.

Party time. Damian arrived. We spoke first in the kitchen. He told me about the time he was on This Morning, which is a popular TV show in the UK. I think he was trying to impress me because he had been on it, I don’t know but even in my state of being slightly obsessed about him I could see that he talked shit. It seemed he couldn’t actually have a conversation with anyone. He hid most of the morning in the kitchen and couldn’t engage plus when he did talk it was like he was talking on stage to a large audience, it seemed all very scripted. After his talk in the garden, most people left and Gozer had arranged that Damien would talk to me privately regarding all the attacks. We went into Gozer’s bedroom. He asked me to bring some cast iron to put his energy on it, so I could cleanse my house with it. Apparently his energy repelled Jinn. He informed me that the sexual encounter I had was my last Reptilian husband. The attacks are from the Archons. That I was very psychic and he made hints that I had been mind controlled at as child. I didn’t respond to his hints even though he wanted me to.

Gozer, Damian and a few of his followers went to Gozer’s local eatery. All three of us were in the queue at the bar and he made another hint I had been mind controlled as a child again. I said “so you think I have been mind controlled” and he said “yes”. I wanted more evidence but he was unwilling at first to say anymore. Gozer actually had to intervene and say that he couldn’t leave it like that. He then asked me three questions relating to my childhood.   What was my favourite toy? favourite film? and my favourite colour?

We proceeded to take a seats at our table with the others. Amora was there. He was a Practicing Shaman. I noticed him at the party, he stood out because he was so tall. Great energy about him. He would be a key member in helping me out of the mess I had got myself into with Damian.

Funny to think that the Universe had brought light and dark together and I was sitting in-between them that night. One was just about to try and destroy my life and the other was going to help me save it. The problem and solution already in my reality.

As you can imagine I wanted to know why Damien thought I had been mind controlled. He said I had no critical thinking. I completely disagreed with him. He said he could prove I had been mind controlled. He then proceeded to show me with a knife. He had 4 or 5 peoples attention at the table when he did this so he had an small audience. He asked me to pass him the knife. I picked up the knife and pointed the handle end at him. He took the knife off me and placed it back down on the table. He then asked me to do it again. I became a bit anxious, as I  didn’t know why he would ask me to do the same thing again plus many people were watching. I picked up the knife but this time instead of pointing the handle end at him I pointed the sharp end at him. The 4 or 5 people at the table gasped as it looked like I was launching a knife at him ready to stab him. Obviously this is not what I was doing, I was just passing him the knife. Anxiety started to soar in me and I just wanted to run away. I was confused at what had happened and just wanted to leave immediately. I then felt a beautiful calm energy come over me washing away all the anxiety. I looked over at Damien, I knew he was giving me all this calm energy. I asked him if it were him and he said yes. He then said that he could help me. That I would need regular Skype sessions with him for many weeks maybe for three months to deprogram me and I would gain back memories that I had lost. He also said  that this would be for free, as I was one of his volunteers.

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I have had people contact me who have also experienced Damian and if you wish to share your story anomalously through me then please send me an written encounter and I will publish it, if I feel the content is of Truth.









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