Connecting To Gaia

I was on Facebook last week, speaking to some awakened individuals and I shared experiences with them regarding some nasty attacks I had encountered last year. I suppose I was searching for more understanding and clarity. I knew I wished to share my experiences to a bigger audience, so having more understanding  of the events would be better for the readers.

A gentleman named Totto responded and kindly offered to look into my case. Totto was on my friends list, but we had never exchanged words before. However, I knew people who knew him and they had spoken very highly of his healing work. You have to be careful in  the spiritual community, as there are people with gifts who use them to cause negativity in your life and having been burnt a couple of times before, so it was a big jump to allow Totto to look into my case but my gut said YES and thank god I listened.

Totto worked very quickly and got back to me the very next day. However his information did surprise me. He informed me that the journey he did was diverted and instead of looking into the attacks, he discovered information regarding me and before he could go further into any healing work, he needed to know that I actually wanted healing. I didn’t even realise I needed healing, in fact I thought I was in the best shape I had been in two years, so this came to a surprise to me.

He discovered on his journey that around the age of 6, 7, 8, and 9 years old, I was being manipulated by the Reptilians to go down a certain route. Totto said that they couldn’t force me down this route,  as my kind and gentle nature wouldn’t allow it. However, through the manipulation, I had closed off parts of my personality and therefore was not shining as bright as I should be or in other words I was not living true to myself. There was also a Raptor close to me, which is a being which looks like a cross being a reptilian and a dinosaur and there was also dark energy above me, which he was unsure at that time what it was.

Oh my fucking GOD!!!!! My world kind of became very exciting and discovering more about myself was a thrill in itself.  Could all this be true and if so, what personality traits have I suppressed?? I wanted to know more and to heal. Totto offered to help me to find out more and help with the healing process.

I suppose all my life self analysis has been a big one for me and I thought I had cracked a lot of it but I’m beginning to realise that who I am is far deeper then I have ever realised. Life had just got so exciting!

Totto, didn’t waste any time, not long after our phone call I felt energy within my base and solar chakras. I couldn’t concentrate and I was with a friend. I hope she didn’t notice because my friend and I were not alone in the room. Totto was at work and it was a real struggle to keep my attention on her.  I was going through a range of emotions,  emotions that were unpleasant. I felt I was losing my mind at one point, I wanted to run out the room, but I couldn’t, I had to sit and pretend I was fine, but actually my body felt like I was going through a car wash, detaching all the crap that had been built up, but to release this crap I had to feel it. What was this guy doing to me? Calmness started to sink in and my body and mind started to settle down.  I started to feel amazing. It was like seeing the dental hygienist, very unpleasant but such a great feeling to feel nice and clean again.

With the cleansing of my chakras especially my base, Totto reconnected me back to Gaia also known as Mother Earth. I had amazing energy rise up within my body,  an energy which made me feel alive again. My base chakra had come alive! I felt connected, grounded to Mother Earth and horny. My husband and I had the best night ever!!! Was this going to last, I didn’t know, but I was going to make the most of it. Totto had just given me my life force energy back.

Everyone should have this connection, the world would change overnight.


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