Reptilians Target The Psychic Empathic Child – Part Two

I wanted to write a follow up due to the attention the first article received. The article resonated with a lot of people and many were able to connect some dots that were otherwise unconnected before.

Since the publication of the article many psychic and empathetic people have contacted me wanting to share their stories and it has become apparent that these beautiful people who have been attacked since a child need healing . They want to talk about what they have experienced and by doing this, healing is taking place. I suppose I’m not a normal counselor, I have connection to the Blue Avian Beings and when connecting with me they are with me, helping with the healing. Plus there aren’t many counselors out there who can fully understand and give compassion to these types of experiences that many people have had from abductions, mind control, narcissistic abuse, paranormal activity, psychic attacks etc etc.

My colleague who is my beautiful friend called Totto who has an in-depth understanding of self and being able to see the potential of every being. He has the abilities of detaching the dense energy within a being which can include possessions, detachments, implant removals and mind control programs. Totto is a truly beautiful person and I’m very blessed to be on this journey with him.

With the combination of Totto and myself our aim is for the being to return back to their original state  before the abuse from the dark began. Many empathic and psychic beings having suffered many forms of abuse from friends, family and dark beings. It is now their time to heal and transcend all the darkness and by doing that they will be able to get on with their mission here on Earth, which the dark have tried to stop since their incarceration on this planet

The journey back to your original state is not to be taken lightly, as there maybe parts of your personality that may be very painful to realise but to bring out your true beauty one must transcend the darkness. However, you will receive the support of both of us along the way. What I love about the process, is that its not someone in the conspiracy field telling you what you are, you will experience this yourself!

You will always have complete control. Totto and myself will just be assisting you back to your original self.

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