Connecting with The Blue Avians

Since Totto entered into my life I have been on a journey within, to find the true me, the me I was suppose to be before the Reptilians and dark messed around with me and its been eye opening, painful but very freeing.

When talking to Totto his words effect me on a very deep level. A level that I generally ignore and pretend doesn’t exist. A place that I thought I hid very well. We were chatting and his said something that triggered off 6 hours of a mental and physical battle within. I couldn’t leave my room or even my bed, I couldn’t lie still either. I was in the biggest battle of my life. All I saw in my minds eye was a long road and on each side with gigantic reptillians, beating the shit out of me. I couldn’t escape however hard I tried. My physical body was in pain, as at the same time I was releasing the darkness and I could actually feel the dense emotion rise up from my base chakra out through my crown and it was physically painful. There was so much of it and with each emotion released the better I felt. I knew whatever was going on was a gift and therefore I didn’t resist too much of the process. I suspect what I was seeing in my minds eye was what the reptilians did to me in the astral when I was a child. They taught me not to fight, that I was powerless and that they had all the power and put foundations down within me that I must FEAR all the time. During the emotional cleansing of the dense energy, I started to learn to fight back and within a few hours I was beating the shit out of these reptilians and I realized  that I had the power and that I wasn’t to fear anymore. I was healing my inner child which all my life had been in fear.

After the mental and physical battle I was exhausted. I have never felt so tired in my life. A different tired. My mind, body and light body felt close to death. I couldn’t think or even move and I was completely numb. I then felt a presence standing over me in my room, I could feel the warmth and gentle energy from this being and I felt safe and protected. Peace washed over me. The being picked me up, and a blue humanoid bird was holding me very protectively and without question I just sank down into the being as he flew across the universe. We ended up in a sphere and my consciousness changed point of view and I was viewing the blue bird holding me. She lay my body down and my body died and out of my body came a beautiful strong blue bird. My consciousness merge with this being and I could feel the  physical strength in her legs and her wings were so powerful, I felt completely free. When I flapped my wings high vibrational energy washed over me and there was no way I wanted to be human again. However, the blue bird who brought me to this place and another consciousness which I couldn’t see was telling me that I had to return to Earth. I refused as the emotion of going back was complete sadness, as there is so much pain and suffering on Earth. They reassured me that it was the last leg of my journey and that I will return home soon and that I had done the hard parts and now it was my time to shine on Earth. Deep within me I knew that they were right and I started the decent down to Earth  and before I knew it I was on my bed, crying. I reached for my phone and typed Blue Bird Star Seed into Google and up popped many pages with information regarding these ET’s, which are called Blue Avians. A page I felt drawn to described these types of star-seeds and I just sat and cried as the remembrance of who I was touched my very core and knowing that I was far more then I thought was very overwhelming.

I had been told in the past that I was a reptilian prior to this life on Earth and I have also been told I was a Earth Angel. However taking the journey within with the help of Totto, I was able to experience who I was on a much deeper level and start the process of releasing the darkness. This all came from within which is very empowering. We as humans search outside of ourselves to try and find out who we are. We may go and see psychics or someone in the awakened field but we already know as it lies deep within us. We need to take the journey and discover our true self and don’t be scared, because its beautiful.

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