Detaching Reptilians And Other Entities

My first experience detaching a reptilian from a person was actually my own son who was only 4 years old at the time. I had noticed his behaviour and changed. He went from a happy child to an very angry child who didn’t really want to socialize. My general thoughts at the time that maybe there was something going on at his preschool, which was causing the change in his behaviour, as never did I think that there was something else far more disturbing going on.

A little while later, I couldn’t pinpoint why his behaviour had changed so much, so I decided to go deeper and travel. I got myself into a meditative state and projected my consciousness to my son. You can see far more when your eyes are closed and what I saw was shocking, but it also explained the change. Attached to his lower chakra was a baby reptillian. The baby was attached to his lower back with his tail wrapped around the bottom of his torso. The baby was fast asleep looking peaceful and to be honest looked cute. I gently detached the reptilian and gave the baby reptilian to my guide. I worked with my sons chakras to undo the damaged, which had been caused. Literally my sons behaviour returned back to normal and he became the happy child  again.

I am thankful that my life path has taken me down this road so I could help my son. Imagine if I had no clue about the “Other World” and the how that world effects ours. I would be dealing with a son who displayed behaviour issues which causes so much stress on the family as a whole. He would of grown up with this being which would of entwined it self into his personality. My son is a very sensitive, empathic gentle soul but those gifts could have been destroyed and he may of become a controlling narcissistic person instead.

Detaching beings from people I have witnessed that these beings themselves are not dark but are used like slaves to do dark things. They have handlers and have had no choice. When detaching them I am usually attacked by their handlers as well, so it can get interesting. However, I have learnt not to fight, just using my own energy makes them feel safe and protected and when they trust me I can remove them. When I remove the beings and take the beings somewhere safe they are very thankful for what I have done, as I have freed them as well as the person I was working on.

Totto and I can help people with people with attachments and free them from the very low density they are experiencing

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9 thoughts on “Detaching Reptilians And Other Entities

    1. Hello, very sorry to hear this. Well done for becoming teetotal. Ill be very happy to help. I can chat over Skype or facebook. I do charge for these session with the first one being £45 and therefore to £38. We can hopefully get to the bottom of what went on. Kind regards Rebecca


    2. I was hoping to find some new information here but you have not included any details. You have just given an over view which doesn’t help me at all. I would have liked to read this IN DETAIL, but you have not included any detail. I was very disappointed as this article seems empty. No substance. Pity. You could have educated people on how to do this for themselves. Instead you want them to come to you. This is not empowering others. Instead you are asking others to give their power to you. I really don’t like this at all. I wonder whether you realise that you are taking others power away by telling them to just ‘come to you’ for help. I’m not having a go here, I really do wonder whether you have thought about this. I also do energy clearing and was hoping that you would be sharing something new. But no. Nothing new here. Damn.


      1. You are more then welcome to look at my other blogs.

        Two years back i was the most fearful person but i have overcome fear with help.

        Its just a blog and tells a small section of an exsperience of my life. If you wish to know more then i am very happy to inform.

        I do wish to empower people, its actually the purpose of my blog. However, i can help also.

        I have on Find The Light page a awesome meditation which will detach all darkness from your field. Please listen to this.

        However, entities attached to darkness within which can mean help on a deeper level.

        My journey is about making people more aware and impowering them. The article you have read it high lighting that there maybe something far more deeper going on that what meets the eye and just that makes people ask more questions about their own lives which is very impowering.


  1. Great job! I am aware of these attatchments and help other practitioners with this process. They do the work, I just bring clarity. We need more awaken beings to help with this. Its been going on in families for decades ie dysfunctional behavior. Please keep in touch. I will send clients your way. Tanya


  2. Tanya, Findthelight
    Can or will either of you teach me how to help?
    This article spoke to me…i guess I feel a calling.
    Beautiful service & work for the greater good 😊 yay!


  3. I’m interested in a session. Its been a really really rough road if you read any part of my blog. I documented because I felt like I was going to die because of this attachment. I’ve spent a lot of money so far with no relief. It just keeps saying “I’m not done yet”. Please let me know how to set up a session.


    1. Hello divinelove, i have you read your message which you sent nearly a month a go. For some reason i wasnt notified of your message. If you still wish to go ahead and have a session with me then please let me know.


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