Humans Mimicking Reptilians

Reptilians and other entities which people are combating daily and sometimes without even realizing, as they are slightly out of our vision, have far less power once we become aware that they are there. The same goes to any political system and mind programming we receive through life. Once we become conscious of its existence and overcome the fear of living without it we realise that we are far more  powerful then them and in fact they need us far more then we need them. They are the weak feeding on the strong!

What is power? Very good questions, as I have deemed people in my reality with power, people who control others.  However, seeing true power in people is not controlling in anyway. In fact real power lets people be who they really are and helps them realise their true beauty and strength within. If you are a leader, a true leader you will awaken other peoples strength and inner beauty. However, our pyramid system seeks out people who are weak, weak mentally and emotionally that is why we have a political system that can be swayed by money and power. They only think of their own gain and not of humanity and the world, as a whole. We can only change our reality when we face our problems together with all our unique qualities, which is why the political system needs to change dramatically. In fact we would do better without it.

The pyramid structure that we believe we have to live by causes so much isolation and lower vibrations that living by this structure has nearly lost humanity entirely. Even though it pushes the ego  and you may have many congratulations going up the ladder it fills our insecurities, and leaves us very lonely. One is faced with many problems alone which puts us in a very vulnerable position. People who are deemed powerful are isolated and far more vulnerable. They may have a better income but they are isolated with a lot of pressure on themselves. The more you go up  within the pyramid system the more isolated you become and more vulnerable and fearful. We are suppose to live in massive communities,  living and appreciating one another, that is our true state. Why live so much separation when we can live together with the support, love and protection which everyone can provide plus helping and providing and sharing all our natural qualities. The crazy society structure we live in, makes us unhappy and depressed. We need to be loved, supported and cherished. We need to see us human beings at the most beautiful things on this planet, as seeing beauty brings out more beauty. We are all connected and once that become conscious in every individual we will realise how each and everyone is so important, no matter what gender or race we are.

However, we have been manipulated by beings to behave in away that destroys are natural way of living. These beings in which we deemed powerful but underneath they are powerless, as they are taking our own power. True power only comes from within and when you feel that power,  you will only want to ignite the power of others, as it does not take your power away it just increases it. We have been conditioned that power only comes from taking power from others away, which is crazy! We have been conditioned to act like parasites, sucking the real power from others.

Many people in power be it politicians, elite, royalty, police etc etc anyone in authority of power in somewhat weak. It is that weakness that has lead them to that position, as they are trying to squash or ignore their own weaknesses. The real power is in the individuals they are trying to control because of fear they will be found out and shown that they are not actually powerful.

This is how humans have be conditioned to be, but we are not naturally like this! We are so beautiful, giving, loving and kind. We do not need to look up to other beings/aliens, as we hold all the beauty and power within. We have a beautiful planet, which works in harmony with us!!! We are not separate from our Earth. In fact without us she can not be the being she wishes to be!! She can only be her true celestial self when humanity wakes up to their true power and connects with her and all her beauty!!! She love us and wishes us to be our true selves so we can rise up and diminishes all darkness that we gathered and created and awaken our trust and honesty within us that we can not ignore.

Working with individuals who have been traumatized by these entities since birth it has become clear that these people are very strong individuals and have a lot of gifts that can help humanity as a whole which is the reason they have been targeted. They target the real beings with power so they don’t realise their strength or gifts. We assist people in helping them find their strength and gifts again, so they can do what they came here to do on Earth. By removing attachments, implants and darkness  and releasing emotional blockages, lets them shine their inner beauty.

We all need to reflect upon ourselves as individuals. Are you living as a true human should or have you be conditioned to live like a parasite. If we want this reality to change we need to work on our own weaknesses and move back to our natural state of being where there is no control, competition, judgment, isolation or fear.The ability to be who you truly are is a gift to yourself and the world at large. Don’t let society stop you being who you truly are as the world needs you in all your glory.

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