Attacked By The Angels And Demons

In the Spring of 2015, I read a book about Angels called Angels In My Hair by Lorna Byrne. I was struggling with the book as it seemed a bit flaky and too unreal to actually believe that there were actual angels looking after us especially considering the state of the world that we live in. I closed the last page and put the book down and thought “What a load of crap!”. I looked over at my husband and I noticed a small white feather floating down from nowhere, not far from my face. I put my hand out and the feather gently landed in the palm of my hand. If this was not a sign that Angels exist then I don’t know what else would be. I was so excited! My husband also witnessed it, which was so amazing to share. I kept him up all night and told him all about the book and how angels are here helping us every step of the way. I was hooked! It was a really amazing evening and I could start to feel the angelic energy around me and I felt so blessed to become conscious of these beautiful beings.

The very next day, I woke up but I wasn’t in the best of moods considering I had such an enlightening evening. I was awful! The energy of the house was so dense that it was a struggle to walk around in. It felt like someone was pointing an energy device at our house and just pouring negative energy into it. All the family were reacting to this dense energy and it was horrendous. By midday the energy died down and my husband and I looked at one another wondering what the hell went on there. We knew it was some sort of energetic attack but by whom and why?

From there on anytime I did any healing or gave any psychic messages for the people I was helping I was led to believe I would receive this information/energy from the angels. They were with me helping me with every person I helped. Sometimes the people would sense their presence too and I would talk about how much the angels helped me in my everyday life and always handing out angel books to help people open their minds to these beautiful beings.

However, the psychic attacks got worse! They would range from emotional attacks, feeling so low out of nowhere where all I wanted to do was give up on the  spiritual life and stop my journey. I generally knew when an attack would occur as it was always around the time of psychic evenings that I conducted at my home. Friends of mine would gather at my house to join energies to discuss anything from ET’s, Spiritual, Political or anything conspiracy. We would conduct meditations and try to discover links to past past-lifes. However there was a force that wanted to stop this and did everything they could to do so. This would range from people falling sick, cars breaking down and we even experienced a possession. It did get crazy! However during our psychic evenings angels were present which gave us so much encouragement to carry on with these evenings as we believed they were very important for some reason. Why else would angels be present. The attacks got a lot worse and people started to drop out. The attacks really brought our insecurities and fears to the surface. People started to think I was conducting the attacks and mistrust was very present and this group with amazing people started to fall apart.

The last attack I received was after my last psychic evening. I woke up with demonic entities all around me. I had my daughter in bed with me. The energy was scary but I didn’t have that luxury of being scared I was defending my daughter. It was an awful experience and one I never want to experience again. But that was the end of the road, it wasn’t worth it! I couldn’t figure out how to stop these attacks and therefore I was putting my family through unnecessarily danger.

After that night, I decided to investigate so I went traveling in the astral with the intention of finding out when was going on. I witnessed the Angelic Realm and all these beautiful beings with so much light around them. However, next to the angels were very dark beings but they all were situated in the same realm. I could see they were using the human race like emotional batteries and they were working together to get the maximum results. I was so upset seeing this, but it made so much sense. I only started getting attacked by these demonic beings when I invited angels into my life. From that time on I said goodbye to the angels and I haven’t had another attack like the ones we experienced in those two years.

I now know that I needed to believe in the angels, which opened the door to the demonic beings. From there on anytime I was attacked I would pray to the angels, but the attacks got worse. I am thankful I got off the train ride as soon as I did, as their our people in between these beings for generations and suffer all their lives. I also noticed when I said goodbye to the angels, that it didn’t effect my healing/psychic abilities, actually I was in a far more better place as I wasn’t dealing with any psychic attacks.  However, I also feel sorry for the angels and demons as they are stuck in that realm.  The angels and demons were imprisoned and probably being forced to use us like batteries. I have learnt through the work I do that many entities are forced to create havoc and wish to be free themselves. Its not a black and white situation. So to free the Angels and the Demons stop praying to Angels and asking for help, not only will you be freeing yourself from attacks, but also freeing the Angels and Demons. You do not need to pray, you have the power! We are very powerful beings so much so that our emotional energy is fuel for many other beings. Don’t give your power away!

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