Face Your Fears And Become Free

Once I started to wake up in 2010, I started to become conscious that I was attracting my fears into my reality which was giving me an opportunity to overcome them and become fearless of the things I was fearful of.

It was Chinese New Year and my husband and I were in Borneo. We had booked a trip to walk through the rain-forest to see the wildlife at night with the highlight of seeing the orangutans in the wild. Prior to the trip we were told of leeches, which at the time was a creature I feared. I’m not sure how this fear was created as I had never been in contact with a leech before, but it was just the thought of a slimy blood sucking creature attached to my skin made my skin crawl. I really wanted to see the orangutans so I couldn’t not go. I had to go! People just go to Borneo to see the orangutans, so I had no choice in my mind and therefore I was going! I covered myself from head to toe, wearing long combat trousers and a long sleeved top with an added protection cardigan. I really didn’t care how hot and sweaty I would become in the humid rain forest, as long as I was protected from the slimy leeches, that is what mattered. I was so surprised to see people in our group wearing shorts and tiny tops. They were obviously not assessing the dangers like I was and therefore not taking precautions. However, it made me feel more safe as they were all showing lots of skin and therefore the leeches would be attracted to them and not me, which was a very good thing.  Unfortunately, due to the Chinese celebrations and the fireworks exploding in the sky the wildlife were hiding. Our guide took us to the nursery to meet the baby orangutans instead. The baby ones didn’t hide up high in the trees and were therefore easy to interact with. We got to the nursery where the baby orangutans were. They were beautiful beings and so child like and very happy to see us. We met a orangutan called Abbey. The guide called her lazy Abbey, as even though she wasn’t a baby she was lazy and wouldn’t build her nest high up in the trees. We were feeding her and taking pictures trying to absorb every moment when my guide then pointed to my cleavage. This has happened before so I wasn’t at all surprised , my cleavage does attract far more attention then my face at times! However, as I looked down there were two big fat leeches at the top of each breast, happily sucking away. I screamed! I screamed like someone was killing me and pulled one leech off in pure panic.  The guide calmed me down and got out his matches and lit the match and burnt the other leech off. During the wait of the leech coming unattached I realized that there was no pain in fact I couldn’t even feel it on my skin. He did look very ugly though but that was all. My fear of leeches vanished. The fear was far more damaging to my reality then the leech itself.

I was the only one who breastfed any leeches that night, but I was the only one fearful of them and I was the only one trying to control my reality so not to get attacked by them. My fear and focus on protecting myself from them actually brought them to me.

I suppose leeches were my first fearful parasite that I overcame. The next parasites that I had to overcome were Reptilians, Jinn and many other dark beings. I did eventually overcome my fears of these beings and now help others who are being attacked by them. It wasn’t a easy journey but I did it and If I can do it then I feel everyone else can.  Maybe we designed it to have fears so we evolve and discover our own self -power. It would be wonderful to live in a reality which isn’t governed by parasite be it corporations, politicians, royalty or ET’s.

Face Your Fears And Become Free




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