Removing Black Magic And Implants From A Starseed

There is no illusion that star seeds have been under attack since they were born. In-fact the whole of the human race is constantly under attack with chemicals in our sky’s, water, food and that doesn’t include the EMFs  or programming to diminishes our natural abilities. Unfortunately they go further and target individuals, individuals that have DNA that will help with the evolution of mankind.

A young women contacted me for help called Bobbi. She was emotionally everywhere and was struggling to cope with her daily life. She had a turbulence life growing up in Kansas in the U.S. Her Mother abandoned her when she was a small infant and she had a difficult relationship with her father growing up in his care. Bobbi never felt that she fitted in and was longing to be excepted. Her outlook on her reality was very different compared to the religious community she lived in. She had contact with ET’s and many UFO experiences during her childhood which she could consciously recall which caused her to see her reality  in a rather different way to the church goers in her community. Bobbie was also carrying a lot of pain from her childhood which needed to be healed, this pain was causing her to feel disconnected from her family members and she wanted help.

Totto looked at her and discovered two layers of black magic and three implants. One implant situated within her third eye. This implant was causing her to act sightly crazy at times and onlookers would perceive this young women as such. My job was now to remove it all and assist her to transform her emotional pain.

I journeyed to her, which is where I go into meditation and find her. She was full of density and I saw a cord this cord was connected to an old lady which looked like a Witch. The Witch was sending her black magic energy. I cut the cord, but I first had to address the Witch, I had to counsel the Witch to get her to forgive Bobbi for any pain Bobbi had caused her or else the witch would of just reattached herself again. This relationship cord was attached in a past life so Bobbi had come into this reality already burdened by darkness attached to her. The Witch with encouragement agreed to bring peace into the relationship. I traveled back to Bobbi and cleared up the black magic which was surrounding her.

The next step was removing the implants, which was a tricky job. It wasn’t straight forward as the the one situated in the third eye was connected to alien being who was situated in Saturn. I had to follow the cord which lead me to an futuristic city in Saturn, it was dark and not a clean city. I followed the cord which lead me to a tall building and a humanoid being presented himself to me. I stood my ground and asked for Bobbi’s freedom, and it was granted. The cord they had to Bobbi was severed and I traveled back and removed the now dead implant.

Bobbi vibrations started to rise up as the blockages which were put there by ETs and a very pissed of Witch had now been removed. Family members instantly reacted to Bobbi more positively and more peace came into her life.  Bobbi and I continued to work together through more journeys and counseling to breakdown negative belief patterns and let her discover her own self power. We also had to start the re-connection to her heart. The heart is our emotional center, connecting and healing the pain  within the heart is essential to our evolution. Forgiving ourselves and others can bring peace to our being and is very needed for us to evolve and embody our true-self. Once a large part of her healing was conducted I then asked Gaia if she would except Bobbi and thankfully she did. Bobbi was now connected to Mother Earth.

Three months on from when Bobbi and I started working together, she is far more conscious, happier and now is now off in the astral herself, meeting Gaia and meeting her star family. Bobbi is also discovering that she can self heal and help heal others too. Removing all the darkness had opened her up to her natural abilities. It was these abilities which the dark didn’t want her to discover.

Bobbi was very brave to face her emotional pain and move forward. This isn’t a easy path to take but a very freeing one.

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