The Blue Avians Healing The Starseeds

A women called Rachel contacted me requesting help as she was suffering from a massive attack from entities. I checked her out prior to speaking to her and saw many entities hounding her so I agreed to help. We set up a skype session to chat however I was unaware that I would be actually conducting a Exorcism. Thankfully there was no head spinning or doing anything rude with a religious artifact.  It was actually an amazing experience and my take on removing a entity from inside a person was a  very beautiful thing to be involved with.

Rachel was in a dreadful state, she was finding it very difficult to think or talk coherently. However she was able to get across that her life had taken a dreadful turn when her ex partner whom she had a son with died 1 year ago. Rachel had spiraled into a deep depression and within a year she had been admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Rachel who was self employed was unable to work, look after her children properly or even herself. She believed to be on the brink of losing her children and going to jail. Rachel literally was seeing hellish images everywhere and her ex face all over walls and floors so she couldn’t escape him. Rachel was living in a complete nightmare 24/7.

While Rachel was telling me all the issues she was suffering with, I could see that her ex partner was inside her attached to all her chakras. He was very hateful and displayed a lot of anger. He spoke to me telepathically,  he asked for an apology. I didn’t question him, I just asked Rachel if she had apologized to him since his passing. Rachel broke down and sobbed, repeatedly apologizing to her ex partner. In a flash the energy of hate and anger turned to love. Rachel saying sorry lead to forgiveness which lead to love on both sides and it was amazing to witness.  Her ex completely detached from Rachel and in a flash Rachel had freed herself from her ex partner through apologizing for her actions while he was alive.  He stayed around for a little, so I could pass on messages to her and then he flew off a much happier spirit, freeing Rachel from hell.

Rachel separated from her ex while pregnant with his son. Due to many reasons including domestic violence Rachel refused her ex partner access to their son. He died when their son was nearly 7 years old and he never got to see his son in this reality. This lead him to attack and possess Rachel when he died and partially took over her mind and body to the point that she was admitted into a psychiatric hospital and nearly lost access to her son because of it.

After the session I conducted a journey which is where I project myself to Rachel’s higherself and it became apparent that Rachel wasn’t out of the woods just yet, she was still in a very dark place due to not forgiving herself from past life experiences and therefore she believed she deserved all the darkness that had infiltrated her life. With this belief she would just attract more darkness so even if I worked on removing the rest of the dark entities festering around her, they would just come back. Rachel needed to forgive herself!

There was also other issues! Rachel had seeked help previously from people claiming to be healers but instead of experiencing a healing she had actually come away with black magic attached to her light body. This resembled a black goo like substance on her. Another healer which she saw brought forward past lives, but didn’t ask these entities to recede back to where they belonged during the end of the session so Rachel was experiencing the trauma of these individuals daily. This manifested in unable to see as clearly as she did, burning sensations in her body and unable to sleep.

The best course of action for Rachel was to take her light body and hide her in the astral. I followed my guides (The Blue Avians) and they took me to a place where no ET or Entity would be able to access her. Rachel would be completely safe. I left Rachel with The Blue Avians in quarantine so she could rest and decide which path she wished to take, as at that point due to her belief system she was uncertain which road to take; to stay on the dark path or to move up to a much lighter path. While Rachel’s light body was in quarantine in the astral she would be free from entity attacks and therefore it would give her time and space to decide what road to take. Rachel spent nearly 2 weeks in quarantine and underwent many negotiations with the Blue Avians on what direction she should take. While The Blue Avians were supporting her through this process I removed density from around her and with help from Totto the black magic was also removed. Rachel had the inability to see a bright future for herself or her children so Totto shone a light in this area so she could start to see a bright future for all of them.

In this reality I was also counseling Rachel over Skype and the Blue Avians were around her during the talks as well, I would see the blue orbs around her while chatting. They were working away without her realizing it. This happens to all my clients when I’m chatting to them and I feel the energy rising throughout my sessions.

Rachel’s love for her children and choosing the path of light she completely transformed her light-body and it started to shine so much so all I could see was diamond light. She was stunning! She was now ready to return back to her physical body. First though I connected her to Gaia as Rachel is a Star Seed. Star Seeds aren’t naturally connected to Gaia and grounding and protection is far more of a struggle to these beings. Gaia excepted Rachel and Rachel returned to her body.

In the space of four weeks, Rachel went from a lady who couldn’t look after herself or children, her reality was seeing hell all around to a lady shining brightly able to take on all her responsibilities that life offers and back to work helping others as a healer.

It really came to the forefront that if we wish to evolve into the beautiful beings that we are that forgiveness is highly important. Forgiveness for others and ourselves. Holding onto hate, anger or regret only leaves us in prison for the darkness to shadow us.

It also does make me wonder how many people are locked up in hospitals or have been pushed aside in our communities due to what we perceive as a mental health issue. These people may in fact have spiritual issues that can be resolved with the help of a spiritual healer. Our perceptions of mental health really needs to change so real help can be provided for these people.

Rachel’s Review:

Rebecca’s work is quite phenomenal. I have much experience with healers, but with her you quickly come to see and feel that she knows. Her work in the astral is accurate, bizarre, heart warming and life changing. It heals wounds, deep, long forgotten, it heals the heart, the soul and the joy that for many of us is lost due to depression, loss or suffering of any kind. She is here to remind us that it is not lost it is only a way on the journey to wholeness, Oneness, who we really are. Thankyou dear soul. I am eternally grateful and although she is first to remind us that we are our own healers, she is a healer, the truest kind. Many blessings to all who work with her Rachel Naomi Less

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