A Close Fatality By A Draco Being

Monique contacted Totto and I over Facebook asking for an consultation. Totto scanned her and saw a portal energy structure within the centre of her being. Totto was unsure if this was a natural portal or a portal that had been placed within her. Totto also picked up many implants within her field and saw she was also connected to a ship. Before I could go and remove these implants I needed to understand more and then present my findings to Monique and let her decide what she wanted to do.

The day I decided to do the investigation I got hit with a nasty scalar attack. It was really strong that it wiped me of all my energy and I was lagging for the rest of the day. Totto kindly conducted some healing but I couldn’t go ahead with the investigation until the following day.

I started the investigation and discovered that Monique could create consciousness from her being. The portal within her centre was actually a mini womb that consciousness could be born from. Monique was like a mini source. There was a implant in-between her eyes that was placed there by the Draco community which kept Monique in a prison. Monique is a multi dimensional being and could visit many realities however this implant kept her in a prison like structure and only allowed her to visit a small section of realities and it also sent information back to the Draco community.

The ship connected to Monique was a ship that could travel through dimensions and time and wasn’t of a great vibration. I searched the ship and discovered a clone of Monique and as I searched further I found a tray of Monique’s DNA. It became apparent they were trying to duplicate Monique, but every time they cloned her the portal/mini source within her did not duplicate. Monique wouldn’t allow this to happen and the Dracos had not been able to access this part of her so far.

I presented this information to Monique and she resonated with it. Our advice to Monique was that we needed to remove the DNA from the Dracos, remove the implants and also take back the consciousness from within side the clones and Monique agreed. Totto and I set off with some ET friends and travelled to the Dracos and I asked to speak with the head of the Draco community and a female Draco stepped forward. Generally when asking for individuals freedom its very straight forward however this time a nasty twist was going to take place and my 3D life was going to be attacked by this encounter. The female Draco got personal with me after I asked for Monique’s freedom and verbally attacked my insecurities. I tried to stand my ground but she did catch me off guard and instead of handling the situation with respect and care I became cocky and didn’t show the respect that I should have. I left the situation after the freedom was granted and conducted the rest of the work on Monique.

I travelled back to my 3D body after removing the implants. It was around 8pm at night and both my children were fast asleep and my husband was at work. I received a call from my husbands work and they informed me that my husband had been involved in a car crash. He was in shock and that they would call me back when they knew more. I contacted Totto and he looked in and he also confirmed that he was in shock. It appeared that someone or something scared him. My other phone started to ring and it was his work again, they informed me that he was being cut out of the car by the fire service and was now unconscious and that I needed to get to him straight away. I called my friend to ask her to look after my children while they slept. While I waited for her I called Totto again and he had another look and saw that my husband had left his body, that he was close to leaving this reality entirely. Inside his body though was a Draco, the Draco I spoke to earlier in the evening. Totto called in all the help and started the search for my husband. He found him, he was disorientated and didn’t know where he was. ET friends removed the Draco and Totto guided my husband back to his 3D body.

For my husband to walk away from that car crash with just whiplash injuries is astounding and what is going on behind the scene that most people cant see is mind-boggling. If it wasn’t for Totto I would be a widow now and my children be fatherless. I will be forever grateful to him. Its also a kick up the butt to take what I do seriously at all times, that these reality that I interact with is far more then a game that I am navigating.

Over the next coming week I discover why the attack was so fierce upon us and how important Monique is and why the Dracos where desperate not to loose her. .


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