The Dark Severed Saturn’s Tie To Earth.

Monique was feeling a lot lighter with all the implants and ties to the Dracos being severed. Monique wanted to know what star family she was connected to, but I couldn’t see one. I didn’t see ETs but I did see planets. Her family were planets which was kind of strange. I travelled to Gaia and asked her, as I needed more clarity on what I was seeing. Gaia response was that Monique is Mother Earth. The answer didn’t make sense to me and I kind of pushed it aside until my brain finally clicked and I realised that Monique was created from the consciousness of Mother Earth. When I relayed this information to Monique she became very emotional. The emotions was due to the fact that deep down Monique knew this and to have this confirmed brought so much relief, joy and clarity.

I contacted Totto after the call to tell him the crazy amazing information and he ordered protection for Monique and for us two and our families. If the information deemed to be correct then Monique was a very unique being and one that needed strong protection.

To gain a better understanding of this information I conducted a journey and went travelling to Gaia with Monique’s higher-self. Gaia welcomed me and started to tell me the story of how she became to be and also how Monique became to be. Gaia informed me that she was never a life form before she inhabited Earth. However during her experiences she had gained a large amount of integrity, trust, strength, beauty and femininity. Gaia volunteered but also was selected to embody Earth; to bring Earth to life and make Earth beautiful. Gaia became very connected to the human race and all the being on Earth however when the darkness came and started to imprison her slowly she became a lot smaller and lost part of herself including losing the strong connection to the human race. Over time Gaia didn’t even recognise humans and what they were, as before they were so beautiful, wise, playful and fun but what they were presenting to her before Monique was born was something very alien to her. Gaia started to lose hope for the human race, but before her emotions turned toward hate or resentment to the human race she decided that she needed to really understand what had happened to them and the only way to do that was take part of her consciousness and place it into a human body and that is how Monique became to be. Through Monique, Gaia was able to understand what had happened to the human race and the battles that we have to contend with from the dark ETs and why we have lost so much of our true being. This understanding has stopped Gaia’s from hating us and in fact can relate to us as she herself has been manipulated and abused by these being herself. Gaia then informed me that she has been waiting for Totto and I to evolve within our work before she guided Monique to us. For Gaia, Totto and I were the best equipped to help Monique and wanted us to keep her safe and protected until the time comes until she can do that for herself.

Monique knowing this information on a conscious level has helped her understand the intrusion from all the ET races she has encountered in her life here on Earth. The next step for Monique is to assist in helping her understand the traumas she has encountered and heal from them.

During one of our chats Monique inquired that she went travelling and ended up somewhere beautiful and wanted to know where it was exactly. To find out I travelled to Gaia and asked her if she could take me to the place that Monique had encountered in her travels. Gaia started to travel across oceans and entered into a portal and we ended up on The New Earth. Gaia had taken me there before. Its very similar to Earth but its smaller, free from synthetic fake energy effecting it and intrusion from dense ETs. The energy is very high that all beings live off universal energy so there no reason to eat and no insect or animals were a threat to one another. Gaia informed me that she is waiting to fully ascend to this New Earth but is waiting for the human race to ascend with her. This time now on Earth is very focused on healing aspects of ourselves that is needed to ascend to the New Earth. To ascend we need to transcend our dense emotions and negative beliefs and heal traumas that we are carrying.

Gaia is also healing aspects of herself and she herself has also been effected by the dark beings intrusion. Gaia showed me a little of what happened when the darkness arrived on Earth. A large Mothership stationed itself outside of Earth atmosphere. The dark beings inside the Mothership travelled within the centre of Earth and placed a hooked within the centre of her, which stopped Earth moving up into the higher dimensions and therefore was imprisoned and only had access to the lower dimensions. They also severed her tie with the planet Saturn. Saturn was her partner. Saturn brought her balance, protection and stability like we humans do for one another in marriage and deep relationships. This caused a lot of pain for Gaia and is still suffering due to this loss. Gaia was still unsure if Saturn was alive at all. Gaia also showed me that the dark beings set up a home within the centre of Earth and their energy was very difficult to handle as it was so dense. With the loss of protection from Saturn, being cut off from the higher dimensions and dealing with the alien energy within Earth she slowing became very lonely and isolated and her light started to dim.

I relayed this information to Totto and he checked out Saturn and discovered that the male celestial being is still within the planet and now work is being conducted to connect them back up.


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