Individuals Targeted From The Moon.

Totto wanted to find out who is behind SSP (Secret Space Program) so we conducted a journey. (Totto: SSP is a term that I use for a specific energy signature/-type tracing back to Egyptian times, approx 5-10000 yrs ago. This signature I’ve found in some mystery schools, reptilian breeding programs and based on my findings, also within what I’ve termed the deep state. I have until now not investigated the alleged different secret space programs (if any) so I cannot tell what parts of these this energy applies to.)

A journey is where I travel in my consciousness stream to view, understand very similar to remote viewing but we interact also. This is how we help others. We can go back or forward in time, travel within or outside of the matrix, connect with ones higher-self and this is also how we connect with E.Ts.

I set off to discover information regarding the SSP and found myself on the moon. There was a large silver device poking out of the surface of the moon. This was interacting with streams of energy from Earth. I entered inside the moon and discovered this device was a computer which took up 1/3 of the moon. It held information regarding people on planet Earth. The information ranged from the lifetimes one has lived, traumas, memories and intentions. This information was collated from all over the Universe.

I then saw that they hook people up directly to the moon by spraying nanobots in the air. I saw a plane dropping these nanobots which people would breath in, which would embed themselves within the brain of the body. These nanobots would send signals to the moons computer and then this computer could directly influence them. It can change ones perceptions and therefore change their actions. In theory this machine could easily manipulate anyone on earth without them knowing.

This base was reptilian, but it was also connected to the black sphere as it seemed the reptilians within the moon were just the workers. We needed to find the person or group behind this and followed the energy. There was many energetic links to the moon but the one that stood out the most was connected to inner Earth.

We travelled inside inner Earth to find out who or what was connected to this computer within the moon.

What I first saw when entering inside Earth was trains which were carrying passengers. I could see that these passengers had no clue that they were living within Earth. The clothes they wore were very old fashioned and they were slaves but weren’t conscious of this. There were reptilians guards that I could see overseeing the humans and from what I could see that these humans were used for manual labour.

Totto discovered a room which was heavily psychicly protected. This got his attention so with Totto guiding me I completely merged within my consciousness stream and expanded my consciousness and by doing this I started to see through the psychic barriers which was in place and saw a large IT room full of humans working away. These humans were different as they didn’t wear the old fashioned clothing like the slave humans wore and these humans knew exactly where they were. Strangely enough they knew I could see them and reacted to my presence by leaving the room in a kind of panic. I entered in and they set programs to distract me or put me off but I managed to stay within my consciousness stream and by doing that it seemed to cut through the bullshit they were trying to throw at me.

What they were conducting within this room was very similar to CERN but with IT technology. They created illusions within life itself to disconnect people from consciousness. I saw them creating portals, messing with time and creating illusions out in the universe which was having effects on our ET family also.

Totto picked up an energy trace he identified as George Soros that was connected to this base, so I checked him out. It became clear very quickly that Soros was a AI being. This person has no consciousness within him and was completely a bionic robotic.

With this information we travelled to Gaia. Gaia is a conscious being within Earth who Totto and I work closely with. Chatting to her it became apparent that she was aware of this AI reality but unaware of the base within Earth. Gaia showed me that the AI reality is a replica of consciousness and twirls around true consciousness. Totto asked her if a possible solution could be for her to ‘shake up’ this intruding AI. Gaia said that people need to connect with themselves and the more they connect the more they will be able to see the AI at play. The only thing that AI can not replicate is emotions and it’s our emotions that is the gateway to connecting more with ourselves and all of consciousness. Gaia also said that in the last resort of waking more people up to true consciousness/true reality is if she really disturbs our reality with naturals disasters. Gaia showed me many volcanoes going off at similar times however she would rather we wake up ourselves without her having to kick us up the backside.

Connecting more to our feelings as it seems that is something that AI doesn’t understand and makes us less predictable and AI works on predictability. Working with our intuition and our emotions and conducting our lives this way will lead us to our true reality.

7 thoughts on “Individuals Targeted From The Moon.

  1. philippe CAMELOT April 12, 2019 — 8:28 am

    Hello Rebecca, Thank you for this information; I am French and have similar “trips”. Please give me a subject you would be interested in , so that I will translate my work related to it, if any. I think we should share information. Sincerely.


    1. Hi Philippe, sorry for the delay in replying. I unfortunately broke my ankle so been resting.
      Thank you for getting in contact.
      Do you have any information on demonic beings and how you perceive them? Kind regards rebecca


      1. philippecamelot April 22, 2019 — 2:09 pm

        Hi Rebecca, sorry for the delay in replying too… much work to do on my side. The demonic beings are of several kinds. I have to read several of my papers to give you an appropriate answer. I ask you for a little patience and if you could give me an email where to send my answer? Thank you in advance.
        Kind regards, Philippe C


      2. philippecamelot June 5, 2019 — 7:19 pm

        Hi Rebecca, I have sent an email about demonic beings. Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions or comments. Cheers,


      3. Hiya, just downloaded today but I haven’t looked at it yet. I’ll read tomorrow when I have more time. Thank you so much ❤️


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