Angels and Jinn

Detaching reptilians is easy and detaching them from others is also easy or any other negative being. The hard part is rising above fear to do that. Someone in fear is not going to detach or confront reptilians or any other being. However once the person rises above fear then it is a whole lot easier to do.

I moved into my home two years ago. I was contacted by a lady who claimed she found my details on the Dolores Cannon Practitioner website and she lived semi close by and asked if I wanted to meet up. I jumped at the chance, as I had not long lived in the area and knew very little people and this lady was also a Dolores Cannon Practitioner so we would be totally on the same wave length. We will call her Gozer.

The following couple of months life got a bit strange. I was reading the book Angel In My Hair by Lorna Byrne. I had wanted to believe in angels but I couldn’t quite do it and after I finished the last page, my heart sank as I didn’t buy the whole angel guiding me through me life thing. I closed the book and an beautiful white feather appeared from nowhere and was floating down beside me. I caught it in the palm of my hand. I looked at my husband just bursting with excitement, joy and love. It was my first connection with an angel. I literally kept up Paul all night talking about Angels and how they are here to guide us and help us. My belief was sky high.

The very next morning, it was like I was hit with the worse bolt of negative energy you can imagine. I was awful. I felt angry, short tempered and was awful to everyone. You wouldn’t of thought I had such an amazing evening the night before or that I was the same person. It approached lunch time and the negative energy died down and I was back to my normal self. I analyzed my behavior and spoke to Paul and we both thought it was very strange. Even on my worst days i.e PMT and sleep deprived, I would never of behaved like I did that morning. It was like something awful was in me.

Gozer and I didn’t meet for about 2 months as she kept cancelling. During those two months, my son wasn’t sleeping to the point I ended up sleeping in his room with him. He was so frightened. One night Benjamin woke me up frightened and when I looked up I saw three dark being flying above us. No form as such but they were black and right over the bed. I didn’t have a clue what they were and it was really frightening. This carried on happening and I didn’t really know what to do. I was completely clueless on what these things were or how I was going to get them to leave.

On my way to meet Gozer in her local eatery, I decided I was going to tell her my problem even though I had never met this women before I was going to tell her about the dark beings terrorizing us at night. I greeted Gozer at the bar and she was a lady in her mid 40’s, red hair, petite and seemed lovely. We sat down at a table together and a man’s voice in my head said very loud “Do not trust this women!”. I became very anxious. Where did this voice come from? It wasn’t a spirits voice or my higher-self. I  had never experienced anything like it before.

Gozer spoke a lot during our first meet up and was very keen to tell me about the man she was seeing a man who was a little bit known to the UK public and was in the conspiracy networking circuit. I had remembered seeing him being interviewed conducted by Kerry Cassidy and thought he was a complete knob, but I didn’t say that of course. After a bit I told her about the dark beings which were hassling us at night. She became very excited and said that he would be able to help me with this, as he helps people who get attacked by these beings. She said that she would talk to him and get me in asap. She said as Benjamin (my son) was being affected, he should be able to see me as an emergency. It was going to cost me £20 which I thought was a bargain considering this man was on TV and sounded like he could really help me.

A week later, I had my Skype session with him. To be honest, I don’t remember much of that Skype session. I do remember though that he told me I had a reptilian soul and he told me to get cast iron and put it round my home as that would clear my house of the beings that were terrorizing us at night. He called these beings Jinn.  I called Gozer straight away and told her what he said but I did say that I couldn’t remember much of it even though I had just finished my session with him.She told me that this was common and she was going to get him to record the sessions for his clients, as that was one of the main complaints.

I thought he was fantastic for some reason. Things happened to me over the following few days which I was thankful for and put it down to him. My vibration was sky high, he had seemed to have activated me, as I was totally having psychic visions and thought I was going through another awakening. This died down but it made me want another Skype session with him.

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