Connecting To Gaia

I was on Facebook last week, speaking to some awakened individuals and I shared experiences with them regarding some nasty attacks I had encountered last year. I suppose I was searching for more understanding and clarity. I knew I wished to share my experiences to a bigger audience, so having more understanding  of the events would be better for the readers.

A gentleman named Totto responded and kindly offered to look into my case. Totto was on my friends list, but we had never exchanged words before. However, I knew people who knew him and they had spoken very highly of his healing work. You have to be careful in  the spiritual community, as there are people with gifts who use them to cause negativity in your life and having been burnt a couple of times before, so it was a big jump to allow Totto to look into my case but my gut said YES and thank god I listened.

Totto worked very quickly and got back to me the very next day. However his information did surprise me. He informed me that the journey he did was diverted and instead of looking into the attacks, he discovered information regarding me and before he could go further into any healing work, he needed to know that I actually wanted healing. I didn’t even realise I needed healing, in fact I thought I was in the best shape I had been in two years, so this came to a surprise to me.

He discovered on his journey that around the age of 6, 7, 8, and 9 years old, I was being manipulated by the Reptilians to go down a certain route. Totto said that they couldn’t force me down this route,  as my kind and gentle nature wouldn’t allow it. However, through the manipulation, I had closed off parts of my personality and therefore was not shining as bright as I should be or in other words I was not living true to myself. There was also a Raptor close to me, which is a being which looks like a cross being a reptilian and a dinosaur and there was also dark energy above me, which he was unsure at that time what it was.

Oh my fucking GOD!!!!! My world kind of became very exciting and discovering more about myself was a thrill in itself.  Could all this be true and if so, what personality traits have I suppressed?? I wanted to know more and to heal. Totto offered to help me to find out more and help with the healing process.

I suppose all my life self analysis has been a big one for me and I thought I had cracked a lot of it but I’m beginning to realise that who I am is far deeper then I have ever realised. Life had just got so exciting!

Totto, didn’t waste any time, not long after our phone call I felt energy within my base and solar chakras. I couldn’t concentrate and I was with a friend. I hope she didn’t notice because my friend and I were not alone in the room. Totto was at work and it was a real struggle to keep my attention on her.  I was going through a range of emotions,  emotions that were unpleasant. I felt I was losing my mind at one point, I wanted to run out the room, but I couldn’t, I had to sit and pretend I was fine, but actually my body felt like I was going through a car wash, detaching all the crap that had been built up, but to release this crap I had to feel it. What was this guy doing to me? Calmness started to sink in and my body and mind started to settle down.  I started to feel amazing. It was like seeing the dental hygienist, very unpleasant but such a great feeling to feel nice and clean again.

With the cleansing of my chakras especially my base, Totto reconnected me back to Gaia also known as Mother Earth. I had amazing energy rise up within my body,  an energy which made me feel alive again. My base chakra had come alive! I felt connected, grounded to Mother Earth and horny. My husband and I had the best night ever!!! Was this going to last, I didn’t know, but I was going to make the most of it. Totto had just given me my life force energy back.

Everyone should have this connection, the world would change overnight.


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In-Between Dark And Light.

It was a beautiful Summers day and the day was the day I was going to meet Damian. Gozer had organised a party as it was her birthday and she had invited all people who belonged to Damien’s Facebook page to join her and Damian.

I was looking forward to receiving some answers from Damian, as I had received many attacks and the last one was a very uncomfortable strange experience. I was woken up in the middle of the night, and someone or something was having sex with me. I couldn’t see them only feel them. I was in a state of consciousness where I couldn’t move or even scream. During the event, I fell deep into unconsciousness but I had remembered what had taken place. I spoke to Gozer the next day and she said she would speak to Damian. Gozer got back to me and said it was an reptilian who I was married to in my previous life and therefore came over and had some fun with me.

Now you must be thinking, why the hell did I continue to see Gozer or have any dealings with them. My life before was semi normal. I wasn’t being raped by beings I couldn’t see or experiencing any psychic attacks. Why the hell did I continue this friendship??? My only answer is I was under some sort of spell. I suppose it was like before I woke up to all the corruption in the world. There was a time I thought governments had our best interests at heart even though they were blatantly killing innocent people every year. I also use to believe that modern drugs were the best thing ever, even when I had nasty side effects from them. I suppose it was a bit like that. Even when problems are staring you in the face you refuse to acknowledge them.

Party time. Damian arrived. We spoke first in the kitchen. He told me about the time he was on This Morning, which is a popular TV show in the UK. I think he was trying to impress me because he had been on it, I don’t know but even in my state of being slightly obsessed about him I could see that he talked shit. It seemed he couldn’t actually have a conversation with anyone. He hid most of the morning in the kitchen and couldn’t engage plus when he did talk it was like he was talking on stage to a large audience, it seemed all very scripted. After his talk in the garden, most people left and Gozer had arranged that Damien would talk to me privately regarding all the attacks. We went into Gozer’s bedroom. He asked me to bring some cast iron to put his energy on it, so I could cleanse my house with it. Apparently his energy repelled Jinn. He informed me that the sexual encounter I had was my last Reptilian husband. The attacks are from the Archons. That I was very psychic and he made hints that I had been mind controlled at as child. I didn’t respond to his hints even though he wanted me to.

Gozer, Damian and a few of his followers went to Gozer’s local eatery. All three of us were in the queue at the bar and he made another hint I had been mind controlled as a child again. I said “so you think I have been mind controlled” and he said “yes”. I wanted more evidence but he was unwilling at first to say anymore. Gozer actually had to intervene and say that he couldn’t leave it like that. He then asked me three questions relating to my childhood.   What was my favourite toy? favourite film? and my favourite colour?

We proceeded to take a seats at our table with the others. Amora was there. He was a Practicing Shaman. I noticed him at the party, he stood out because he was so tall. Great energy about him. He would be a key member in helping me out of the mess I had got myself into with Damian.

Funny to think that the Universe had brought light and dark together and I was sitting in-between them that night. One was just about to try and destroy my life and the other was going to help me save it. The problem and solution already in my reality.

As you can imagine I wanted to know why Damien thought I had been mind controlled. He said I had no critical thinking. I completely disagreed with him. He said he could prove I had been mind controlled. He then proceeded to show me with a knife. He had 4 or 5 peoples attention at the table when he did this so he had an small audience. He asked me to pass him the knife. I picked up the knife and pointed the handle end at him. He took the knife off me and placed it back down on the table. He then asked me to do it again. I became a bit anxious, as I  didn’t know why he would ask me to do the same thing again plus many people were watching. I picked up the knife but this time instead of pointing the handle end at him I pointed the sharp end at him. The 4 or 5 people at the table gasped as it looked like I was launching a knife at him ready to stab him. Obviously this is not what I was doing, I was just passing him the knife. Anxiety started to soar in me and I just wanted to run away. I was confused at what had happened and just wanted to leave immediately. I then felt a beautiful calm energy come over me washing away all the anxiety. I looked over at Damien, I knew he was giving me all this calm energy. I asked him if it were him and he said yes. He then said that he could help me. That I would need regular Skype sessions with him for many weeks maybe for three months to deprogram me and I would gain back memories that I had lost. He also said  that this would be for free, as I was one of his volunteers.

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I have had people contact me who have also experienced Damian and if you wish to share your story anomalously through me then please send me an written encounter and I will publish it, if I feel the content is of Truth.








Reptilian and Mantis Hybrid

Damian was and is a famous hybrid to the awakened audiences and was conducting Skype consultations most days as everyone wanted to share their stories and find some sort of answers, which he claimed he had. He also dealt with people who were having attacks from certain beings and helped them overcome them.  He advertised that he deprogrammed individuals who had been mind controlled. He was and maybe still is very popular and the waiting list to Skype him was up to 3 months during my time with them.

On the side he was also gathering all the awakened community together to create a network of people across the globe. He had people fill out internet forms and give personal information about their abilities, where they lived and names and people even pledged money and some people pledged money on a regular basis. There was a Facebook group set up so everyone could connect over Facebook. I know this as during my times with Gozer and Damien I started to do volunteer work for him. I complied the information together in spreadsheets, however this was also a dangerous post, as the volunteers would regularly get attacked by the Archons and there were  people dropping off like flies, but there were plenty  of Damien’s followers who jumped at the chance to volunteer for him.

I generally thought I was helping the awakened and helping to  connect the awakened people together. However, I was being used by the dark to help them gather intimate details and knowledge which would help them attack the awakened community far more easily.

Gozer’s birthday was approaching and she wanted to gather people from the Facebook page to attend her party and Damien to do a talk. I was roped in to help with this and my husband and I helped with the food and lent our marquee. This would be the first and only time I met Damien face to face. This man took me to a very dark place, a place that I thought I would never come back from. This is the man who sent reptilians to rape me and took me to the brink of losing my husband and cutting ties with my parents. However, even though it was attacking me or sending beings to attack me, he did connect me to the people who would help me regain my power back, overcome my fears and become who I am today. Fearless!

If it wasn’t for this man, I wouldn’t of connected to the people who taught me how to detach negative beings or the importance of knowing and finding your own empowerment. I also started to learn not to put others up on a peddle stool. We as a human race and individuals need to learn that we have the power within. No human or other being is going to save us, as by being saved would take away our own self power and we would be in the same paradigm that we are already in. Governed!  We need to discover our own power, as individuals and as a race. If you come across anyone in the awakened community who claim they can save us or that they have the answers but don’t give them as “Its not the right time”. then turn them off immediately. I know people do check peoples energy but energy can lie. Damien’s energy was very calm and I knew immediately when he was around me just by his calm energy. Calm would indicate safe, but he was the most dangerous man I had ever met. A devil in disguise who portrayed he was working for the awakened community, when in fact he was targeting the awakened community and he is still is to this very day.

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Damian Part 2 – Archons Attack

Gozer and I met up regularly to discuss Damian’s work and life stuff. We became friends and I found it so interesting meeting up with her and we would talk about different species of aliens, mind control, and conspiracy stories that were going on in the world. Gozer did give me clues what she and Damian had planned for me, but I didn’t take the hints. Gozer told me before I even met Damian face to face that she had two previous friends that had been programmed as children and Damian did some deprogramming on them both. I remember her saying that one tried to commit suicide and ended up in hospital and the other one went off the rails too. I suppose you only hear what you want to hear!

Every time Gozer and I  met up, I would afterwards receive awful psychic attacks, which would start on the way home. I would feel severe anxiety and unusual thoughts that would race so fast in my mind it was hard to knowledge all of them. This would carry on for 6 or so hours. To the point I just had to curl up in a dark room and try and sleep through it. I remember one time my change of thought would change altogether and saw people as cattle and worthless and I was better then everyone else. All the signs of a Reptilian attachment but this was all new to me and I was unaware of what  was going on and not equipped to fix it. I told Gozer of these attacks and she went back to Damian and he said that it was the Archons. He said because the Archons want to stop Damian help save Planet Earth and its inhabitants so they attack him and the people around him and as I was close to Gozer I was a victim of it.

Looking back I can not believe I bought this crap, but I did and tens of thousands of people across the world also did and still do.

I became obsessed with Damion’s work and would watch his You Tube Videos and I even started to fantasies about leaving my husband for him. I should of noticed something was seriously wrong then, as he looks like a little nerd with not one ounce of sex appeal at all . The 40 year old virgin comes to mind. The 40 year old virgin with very dangerous dark friends.

One day, I started to feel really not myself.  I couldn’t think straight and didn’t know what was up with me and I ended up going to see a Reiki Practitioner.  She was a French lady and she picked up that I had a nasty attachment. Her cousin was there at the time and they both helped and detached the being. She didn’t understand what it was and said I had seriously pissed someone off which is why I had this attachment.

They attach at your base chakra then move up the chakras and when attached to all your chakras that is when full possession is gained.

I didn’t for one moment think the attachment was sent to me from Damian. Damian was working hard to enlighten mankind and help save the world from his Evil Dad who lives in Middle Earth. Oh yes, this is what he told me. I know, I am the worlds most gullible women and Gozer and Damian deserve Oscars.

Next Meeting Damion and life went seriously downhill.

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Healing the Empath and Psychic

Healing is a scary thing to do but to help change this reality into a positive one we all need to heal, forgive and make peace with our past. If we all do that the dark with have nothing to work with.

By healing and reconnecting to your heart chakra you will open up your portal to source and be able to channel love into this reality. Love also carries everything that we wish to know including who we are and why we are here. There will be no need to rely on News or Conspiracy theorists to find out what is going on in the world as you will have the knowledge  within you.

The Reptilians have and are working in the astral to make sure we don’t open up our heart chakras as this will threaten their existence. There are also other beings doing the same. I have had negative dealing with the Tall Greys, Jinn and Angels who are all making sure we stay in the same paradigm. However Gaia (Earth) is evolving and is calling for us to evolve with her. Gaia is also reconnecting and opening up her heart chakra which will bring waves of Source energy into our reality (please see my blog Astral Travels with Dolores Cannon). To evolve with her we need to also connect with our heart chakra and open them up. Before we do this, we need to learn the basics

Detach negative energy and protect ourselves and learn to protect our children

With these two things in place, the dark and light beings can no longer use and abuse us. These techniques protected me from a Black Magician and Draconian Reptilians who had attached and abused me and my family for months.  Unfortunately they can still attack your reality but as long as these techniques are in place they will protect you from them attaching to your chakras and infiltrating your heart portal.

During my dealings with the Black Magician and Draconian Reptilians,  I learnt that certain substances lowers our protection which are alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. There maybe more, but these are the ones I am aware of.

I will be posting the meditation techniques up on my Facebook page over the next couple of days. However there is a fantastic link on there already of a guided meditation which guides you through detaching negative energy so please take a look.



Angels and Jinn

Detaching reptilians is easy and detaching them from others is also easy or any other negative being. The hard part is rising above fear to do that. Someone in fear is not going to detach or confront reptilians or any other being. However once the person rises above fear then it is a whole lot easier to do.

I moved into my home two years ago. I was contacted by a lady who claimed she found my details on the Dolores Cannon Practitioner website and she lived semi close by and asked if I wanted to meet up. I jumped at the chance, as I had not long lived in the area and knew very little people and this lady was also a Dolores Cannon Practitioner so we would be totally on the same wave length. We will call her Gozer.

The following couple of months life got a bit strange. I was reading the book Angel In My Hair by Lorna Byrne. I had wanted to believe in angels but I couldn’t quite do it and after I finished the last page, my heart sank as I didn’t buy the whole angel guiding me through me life thing. I closed the book and an beautiful white feather appeared from nowhere and was floating down beside me. I caught it in the palm of my hand. I looked at my husband just bursting with excitement, joy and love. It was my first connection with an angel. I literally kept up Paul all night talking about Angels and how they are here to guide us and help us. My belief was sky high.

The very next morning, it was like I was hit with the worse bolt of negative energy you can imagine. I was awful. I felt angry, short tempered and was awful to everyone. You wouldn’t of thought I had such an amazing evening the night before or that I was the same person. It approached lunch time and the negative energy died down and I was back to my normal self. I analyzed my behavior and spoke to Paul and we both thought it was very strange. Even on my worst days i.e PMT and sleep deprived, I would never of behaved like I did that morning. It was like something awful was in me.

Gozer and I didn’t meet for about 2 months as she kept cancelling. During those two months, my son wasn’t sleeping to the point I ended up sleeping in his room with him. He was so frightened. One night Benjamin woke me up frightened and when I looked up I saw three dark being flying above us. No form as such but they were black and right over the bed. I didn’t have a clue what they were and it was really frightening. This carried on happening and I didn’t really know what to do. I was completely clueless on what these things were or how I was going to get them to leave.

On my way to meet Gozer in her local eatery, I decided I was going to tell her my problem even though I had never met this women before I was going to tell her about the dark beings terrorizing us at night. I greeted Gozer at the bar and she was a lady in her mid 40’s, red hair, petite and seemed lovely. We sat down at a table together and a man’s voice in my head said very loud “Do not trust this women!”. I became very anxious. Where did this voice come from? It wasn’t a spirits voice or my higher-self. I  had never experienced anything like it before.

Gozer spoke a lot during our first meet up and was very keen to tell me about the man she was seeing a man who was a little bit known to the UK public and was in the conspiracy networking circuit. I had remembered seeing him being interviewed conducted by Kerry Cassidy and thought he was a complete knob, but I didn’t say that of course. After a bit I told her about the dark beings which were hassling us at night. She became very excited and said that he would be able to help me with this, as he helps people who get attacked by these beings. She said that she would talk to him and get me in asap. She said as Benjamin (my son) was being affected, he should be able to see me as an emergency. It was going to cost me £20 which I thought was a bargain considering this man was on TV and sounded like he could really help me.

A week later, I had my Skype session with him. To be honest, I don’t remember much of that Skype session. I do remember though that he told me I had a reptilian soul and he told me to get cast iron and put it round my home as that would clear my house of the beings that were terrorizing us at night. He called these beings Jinn.  I called Gozer straight away and told her what he said but I did say that I couldn’t remember much of it even though I had just finished my session with him.She told me that this was common and she was going to get him to record the sessions for his clients, as that was one of the main complaints.

I thought he was fantastic for some reason. Things happened to me over the following few days which I was thankful for and put it down to him. My vibration was sky high, he had seemed to have activated me, as I was totally having psychic visions and thought I was going through another awakening. This died down but it made me want another Skype session with him.

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Reptilians Target The Empathic Psychic Child

Most people are totally unaware of how reptilians are involved in their life and how much damage they have done. They keep themselves well hidden. However, since I began to wake up I began to realise the impact the reptilians have had on me and my family. I keep meeting empathic and psychic people who tell the same childhood stories however they are completely unaware that it’s the Reptilians who are involved.

If you come across an empathic and psychic human, they generally have had a very difficult childhood. Their relationship with their main primary carer usually mother or/and father is abusive. They would have not felt loved, wanted, cherished and would have likely of been abused mentally and physically. They feel like the black sheep of the family as their siblings would have received the love and support that a child needs. I believe what happens is the mothers/father is programmed to reject an empathic/psychic child. Their spiritual cord to the child is cut by these reptilians and a reptilian is connected to the primary carer and child, which turns the mother against the empathic and psychic child. The child blocks off their heart chakra to protect itself from the pain and therefore is unable to use their natural abilities.The psychic and empathic child is also being programmed in the astral by the reptilians. The child grows up with many coping strategies, i.e. alcohol and drug use and sometimes carries on the cycle and attracts another abusive relationship and the circle continues. If the child can heal itself, break out of the programming, they will discover they are psychic and empathic and a gift to our reality.  They become the healer and able to channel love/information into our reality. Unfortunately our healers are attacked right from when they are in the womb and we are being used to attack them. The human race needs to become aware of this and the attachments can easily be detached. However being conscious of this is the hardest part. Psychics and healers need to learn to keep their channels protected and not be used by the dark or light being.

Before I went to America, I started to notice normal people with reptilian eyes. These people would either be intoxicated with alcohol or drugs or depressed. I knew these people were not reptilian, but what was going on? Seeing the hybrid in America, made me realise the difference between hybrids and attachments. Reptilians attach to people they want to influence, control, destroy mainly empathic and psychic people. The people with the attachments were unaware of the attachment. They run through families and follow the empathic and psychic DNA. The psychic and empathic human can channel love into this reality and bring higher vibrations which is a massive threat to them. Their goal is to destroy that code which threatens their existence.

Totto and I help individuals who have been targeted by these beings and others to help them overcome fears and remove any attachments and implants that may still be in place. We also teach protection and through this process the individual returns back to their original self, the self that the Reptilians didn’t want you to be. Fearless and conscious!

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Meeting A Hybrid Reptilian

Back in El Paso, Texas. This time with my husband, son and my mum. We are all at a coffee shop with my sisters friends and a lady in her 40’s approached our table. I looked at her and she was a reptilian hybrid. Her pupils were shaped like cat eyes with very high cheek bones. It was so obvious, I looked at my husband and he also had noticed. She said hello to the people we were sitting with (my sisters friends) and sat with her husband on the table behind us. I felt so excited, that I had actually seen a hybrid. Paul and I left the table to discuss what we had seen. Paul (hubby) actually became ill for some strange reason while still in the building and had to go to the bathroom. We put it down to the coffee but I wonder if something else was at play.

I got back to my sisters and I sent a email to Sarah, as my sister said that the hybrid lady knows Sarah. Sarah was the lady I met last time I was in America  who was a teacher and she told me about the reptilian hybrids and how most of her pupils were not human. Sarah also said that she was taught to hypnotise the children as all teachers in the States were.  Sarah got back to me confirming that the lady I saw was indeed a reptilian hybrid and that her husband was the same. Sarah also told me that the lady was a healer and was renowned for her healing abilities and she specialised in stomach issues. This threw me a bit as I believed at the time all reptilians were negative to the human race.

Paul and I went to bed that night. We had my sister’s spare bedroom and my son was already asleep in the bed. I climbed in and so did Paul. There was a big flash in the room. Paul jumped up to look out the window to see if he could see anything but couldn’t and got back into bed. Paul fell asleep. There was another flash and I felt scared. I lay there and the energy changed in the bedroom. I felt so hot. I tried to wake Paul up as there was something in the bedroom. I couldn’t see anything but whatever was in the bedroom felt mechanical. It felt like it was scanning me. Paul came round but it wasn’t Paul that was speaking. He was channelling an entity. I knew this entity as I had spoken to it before when I had regressed Paul during a quantum healing hypnosis therapy with him.  This entity was called Zen and we had spoken before as was it was Paul’s guide, who was a very kind being. But this point I am scared out my wits as whatever was in the room was not good.

Zen said that “they” are just checking me out. “They” want to know why you can see them. He also said that they will be back but not to be frightened.

The energy in the room returned back to normal and I knew whatever was in the room had gone. I woke Paul up and we went downstairs. I told him everything that had happened but he could recall parts of it. I thought we were up stairs for a maximum of 30 minutes, but to our surprise 2.5 hours had passed. I couldn’t believe it, I was completely gobsmacked.

Our visit to America at my sisters went down hill and it was good to get home. I actually went and seen a healer when I got back, as I didn’t feel myself. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with me, but I felt low, heavy and not myself. There was  a lot of negative energy during the end of our trip. The healer was amazing and got me back to normal. However, looking back and knowing what I know now, I think we were heavy hit with some very low vibrational energy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was connected to noticing the hybrid.

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My Operation Conducted By Aliens

Back home in the UK, in my little cottage with my baby boy. I Just put him down for a nap and I was pottering around when I developed a severe pain in the tummy. I went down like a bang of potatoes. I couldn’t stand, the pain was so painful I thought I was dying. All I kept thinking of was my son and who would love him and care for him if I’m not here. After a few minutes, the pain went away, as quickly as it came on. However, I contacted my doctors to book an appointment to check what was going on. My doctor examined me and my tummy was tender, so he sent me for an endoscopy, which is where they send a camera down your throat to have a look at what is going on.

A week before my endoscopy, I had an amazing experience which Ill never forget. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt a presence in my room. I slowing shrugged it off and started to fall back to sleep. However, I became aware of three child like alien beings on my bed. I didn’t feel scared and I stood up and I held hands with two of them, one on one side of me and the other two aliens on the other side of me. My bedroom wall then started to spin and turned into a porthole and all four of us walked through. We came to an massive room, with lines of computers and a large computer screen on the main wall, very much set up like a NASA mission control centre, but instead of humans at each computer there were aliens. The room was white, everything was white and on the large screen on the main wall there was a famous male celebrity and I knew they were studying this male celebrity. I then looked down at the aliens that I was with and instantly knew that these three little guys were also studying me and that they knew far more about me then I did about myself. They had been studying me right from the beginning of my life on Earth.

My next scene I remember I was lying on a medical bed and there was another alien, which looked exactly like the child like aliens but she was tall and adult like. I knew she was female and she spoke to me using telepathy. She started the operation and I started to scream and I mean scream and she stopped what she was doing and told me off in a very stern way. She said the pain wasn’t real and that I actually cant feel anything and to be quite. I did what she asked. She pulled two worm like creatures out of my tummy, they wiggled and looked very much alive. I was shocked at what came out of me and disgusted. She  said there was one left in my tummy, but for some reason she left it in there.

The last scene I remember was being outside, sitting at a table with the three child like aliens having a cup of coffee. There were aliens walking to what seemed like work and I was drinking coffee. I found it hilariously that they also had coffee and drank it like us humans. What I also found strange that even though I was the only human there that I could see, no one gave me a second glance, it must of been common for them to see humans I suppose.

I went for my endoscopy a week later at my local hospital and they just found inflammation of the stomach. However, I feel that these beings helped me in someway and maybe even healed my stomach. I’m not 100% sure, but that is my conclusion at the moment.

Even though this was my first conscious memory of being invited to an alien world , I feel I must of been there many times before. I’m not sure why I was allowed to remember that experience, maybe to help with the healing process.  I would love to know what those worm like creatures were and how they got into my stomach. The worm like creatures they extracted from me reminds me of the scene in the first Matrix movie which I find interesting.


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Speaking To An Negative Entity

I gave birth to my beautiful son late 2011 and fell in love with this beautiful being. I couldn’t be apart from him and we became two peas in a pod. My husband came back from Asia and we started to patch up our relationship. When my son was three months old, my beautiful sister and brother in-law flew me out to El Paso, Texas to stay with them. They had a beautiful large house with a pool and lots of sun rays to soak up. I was suppose to go for 4 weeks but ended up staying for 3 months. I think I would of stayed longer but my visa ran out. I found the American people very warm and friendly and just loved the sunshine.

My sister’s coffee morning friends wanted regressions and I was very happy to do them. I loved doing them! I find people the most interesting and I also was very keen to practice my newly learnt skill. .

The first lady I regressed was called Sarah. A teacher who wanted to retire, but was worried about her funds. I conducted the therapy at her home in El Paso. The therapy was a success. I asked if she wanted another one, so I could practice and she could enjoy finding out more revealing information about herself. However something very strange took place during her second regression.

I started off as normal and I guided her through three of her past-lives, I then took her deeper into hypnosis and asked for her higher-self to come through. Her voice changed tone and she started to speak in third person, which are two signs that you are speaking to that person’s higher-self. However this was not the case! .

This entity which was speaking through her knew lots about my family and especially information regarding me. It was information that Sarah could have not known about, so I knew it wasn’t Sarah I was speaking to, but who was it? It didn’t sound like the higher-self either, as this entity I was speaking to was just inciting fear onto me. The higher-self is full of love and would never transfer fear onto a client or a practitioner. This entity informed me that I would have another child (girl) and when my first child reaches the age of 7 years old, all three of us would die (my son, daughter and myself) and it would propel my husband into making a positive change that would help humanity.

This was not the first time I heard this message. When I was in Malaysia during my awakening which was roughly a year prior, I was sitting at a restaurant with my husband and I was talking all about my realization regarding the reptilians and how they have no creativity and then from nowhere  I said the exact same message that Sarah channeled through. The message was exactly the same word for word.

The entity also told me that a bomb was being prepared to go off at the London Olympics which was where my husband was working and living at the time. As you can imagine this entity frightened the hell out of me. I brought Sarah back around and we went to a restaurant and it got even stranger.

We arrived at the restaurant and Sarah seemed OK. and passed on some revealing information. Sarah was a teacher and she told me that the majority of her students were not human. She also informed me that she was trained to hypnotize these students and in fact all teachers in the USA are trained in this. She said she didn’t do it but I didn’t believe her.  I asked her how did she knew they weren’t human and she said you can just tell.

This information started to open my eyes and it would be my next visit to America that I would actually meet two reptilian hybrids and endure a very frightening visitation.

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