Humans Mimicking Reptilians

Reptilians and other entities which people are combating daily and sometimes without even realizing, as they are slightly out of our vision, have far less power once we become aware that they are there. The same goes to any political system and mind programming we receive through life. Once we become conscious of its existence and overcome the fear of living without it we realise that we are far more  powerful then them and in fact they need us far more then we need them. They are the weak feeding on the strong!

What is power? Very good questions, as I have deemed people in my reality with power, people who control others.  However, seeing true power in people is not controlling in anyway. In fact real power lets people be who they really are and helps them realise their true beauty and strength within. If you are a leader, a true leader you will awaken other peoples strength and inner beauty. However, our pyramid system seeks out people who are weak, weak mentally and emotionally that is why we have a political system that can be swayed by money and power. They only think of their own gain and not of humanity and the world, as a whole. We can only change our reality when we face our problems together with all our unique qualities, which is why the political system needs to change dramatically. In fact we would do better without it.

The pyramid structure that we believe we have to live by causes so much isolation and lower vibrations that living by this structure has nearly lost humanity entirely. Even though it pushes the ego  and you may have many congratulations going up the ladder it fills our insecurities, and leaves us very lonely. One is faced with many problems alone which puts us in a very vulnerable position. People who are deemed powerful are isolated and far more vulnerable. They may have a better income but they are isolated with a lot of pressure on themselves. The more you go up  within the pyramid system the more isolated you become and more vulnerable and fearful. We are suppose to live in massive communities,  living and appreciating one another, that is our true state. Why live so much separation when we can live together with the support, love and protection which everyone can provide plus helping and providing and sharing all our natural qualities. The crazy society structure we live in, makes us unhappy and depressed. We need to be loved, supported and cherished. We need to see us human beings at the most beautiful things on this planet, as seeing beauty brings out more beauty. We are all connected and once that become conscious in every individual we will realise how each and everyone is so important, no matter what gender or race we are.

However, we have been manipulated by beings to behave in away that destroys are natural way of living. These beings in which we deemed powerful but underneath they are powerless, as they are taking our own power. True power only comes from within and when you feel that power,  you will only want to ignite the power of others, as it does not take your power away it just increases it. We have been conditioned that power only comes from taking power from others away, which is crazy! We have been conditioned to act like parasites, sucking the real power from others.

Many people in power be it politicians, elite, royalty, police etc etc anyone in authority of power in somewhat weak. It is that weakness that has lead them to that position, as they are trying to squash or ignore their own weaknesses. The real power is in the individuals they are trying to control because of fear they will be found out and shown that they are not actually powerful.

This is how humans have be conditioned to be, but we are not naturally like this! We are so beautiful, giving, loving and kind. We do not need to look up to other beings/aliens, as we hold all the beauty and power within. We have a beautiful planet, which works in harmony with us!!! We are not separate from our Earth. In fact without us she can not be the being she wishes to be!! She can only be her true celestial self when humanity wakes up to their true power and connects with her and all her beauty!!! She love us and wishes us to be our true selves so we can rise up and diminishes all darkness that we gathered and created and awaken our trust and honesty within us that we can not ignore.

Working with individuals who have been traumatized by these entities since birth it has become clear that these people are very strong individuals and have a lot of gifts that can help humanity as a whole which is the reason they have been targeted. They target the real beings with power so they don’t realise their strength or gifts. We assist people in helping them find their strength and gifts again, so they can do what they came here to do on Earth. By removing attachments, implants and darkness  and releasing emotional blockages, lets them shine their inner beauty.

We all need to reflect upon ourselves as individuals. Are you living as a true human should or have you be conditioned to live like a parasite. If we want this reality to change we need to work on our own weaknesses and move back to our natural state of being where there is no control, competition, judgment, isolation or fear.The ability to be who you truly are is a gift to yourself and the world at large. Don’t let society stop you being who you truly are as the world needs you in all your glory.

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Detaching Reptilians And Other Entities

My first experience detaching a reptilian from a person was actually my own son who was only 4 years old at the time. I had noticed his behaviour and changed. He went from a happy child to an very angry child who didn’t really want to socialize. My general thoughts at the time that maybe there was something going on at his preschool, which was causing the change in his behaviour, as never did I think that there was something else far more disturbing going on.

A little while later, I couldn’t pinpoint why his behaviour had changed so much, so I decided to go deeper and travel. I got myself into a meditative state and projected my consciousness to my son. You can see far more when your eyes are closed and what I saw was shocking, but it also explained the change. Attached to his lower chakra was a baby reptillian. The baby was attached to his lower back with his tail wrapped around the bottom of his torso. The baby was fast asleep looking peaceful and to be honest looked cute. I gently detached the reptilian and gave the baby reptilian to my guide. I worked with my sons chakras to undo the damaged, which had been caused. Literally my sons behaviour returned back to normal and he became the happy child  again.

I am thankful that my life path has taken me down this road so I could help my son. Imagine if I had no clue about the “Other World” and the how that world effects ours. I would be dealing with a son who displayed behaviour issues which causes so much stress on the family as a whole. He would of grown up with this being which would of entwined it self into his personality. My son is a very sensitive, empathic gentle soul but those gifts could have been destroyed and he may of become a controlling narcissistic person instead.

Detaching beings from people I have witnessed that these beings themselves are not dark but are used like slaves to do dark things. They have handlers and have had no choice. When detaching them I am usually attacked by their handlers as well, so it can get interesting. However, I have learnt not to fight, just using my own energy makes them feel safe and protected and when they trust me I can remove them. When I remove the beings and take the beings somewhere safe they are very thankful for what I have done, as I have freed them as well as the person I was working on.

Totto and I can help people with people with attachments and free them from the very low density they are experiencing

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Black Magic Manipulating The Human Race

The process with Totto of me finding the real me has led me down some awkward but freeing paths and made me become conscious of the pitfalls in this reality, which has stopped us being truly who we really are as a human race.

Working with this, I discovered that anytime I felt vulnerable I would yell at my husband, or  family members. In life I was unable to show vulnerability and anytime I did feel frightened or weakness of any kind I would react by being angry, agitation or aggressive. As I became more conscious of my behavior through the counseling with Totto, I was able to step back and ask myself what was I actually feeling during times of anger, agitation and aggression.. I then expressed my real feelings in situations instead and showed my vulnerability to my husband. My husband was able to step in and comfort me.  I started to connect to the masculine energy which I had been craving for all my life. By expressing my vulnerability and honesty on how I was really feeling inside, he was about to step in and comfort me, understand me and love me. Where as before, my agitation, anger, moodiness would push him away and I was therefore denying myself what I actually needed. By being honest to myself and recognizing how much I needed him, I allowed him to support me and use his masculine energy to make me feel safe and protected.  Magical things started to happen. Feelings of separation, loneliness had now been replaced by feelings of connection and security. It brought out a softer side in my being, which radiated out to my children, family and friends. I have been able to express myself far more in all areas of my life and I am now forming deeper connections with others.

Totto has explained to me that there is a false feminine energy, its completely fake, not natural to this reality which  we have been connected to instead of the real natural feminine energy. Also entwined within this energy is black magic. When connected to this energy we experience very negative feelings and express them. This false black magic/feminine energy manipulates, controls, hardens and suppresses us. It denies us expressing who we really are and over time we have forgotten the real feminine energy and have excepted the false feminine. The masculine energy had lost his partner and guidance and had been left functioning alone and the real feminine energy  has been forgotten. The connection in these two natural energies has been lost and therefore we have lost ourselves and each other. We have been going through life feeling isolated and alone because of this false energy that we are connected to, forgetting the real feminine energy, the soft yet but strong energy which guides the masculine energy and forms the deep connection that we all need and are crying out for. However reconnecting to the real feminine energy is something we can do and by doing this will allow the feminine and masculine energy to reconnect again.

It would be amazing if we could switch off this false feminine energy that currently radiates out through our reality and apparently through the universe but we cant. We cant fight it but we the female can open our hearts and express our vulnerability and allow the man to step forward and express his energy which will free us both. Deep connections can be formed which will radiate out throughout our reality. A step forward for the human race becoming who we truly are, shining our true colours and freeing ourselfs from the false feminine/black magic energy that we are currently acting out.

I do believe once we start to make this first connection we will connect with all of life, animals, plants and Mother Earth herself. Our reality will return back to its natural rhythm and no more manipulation from the dark can take place. We will grow and push out the darkness which manipulated us and our behaviour a long time ago. Beauty and Peace will be felt again!

We are helping beings to remove the black magic, parasites and the walls we have put up around ourselves and once this has been achieved we will gentle guide the being back to the natural rhythm of the feminine and masculine energy so that being can discover and express their true selves and reconnect with their loved ones on a much deeper level. Manipulation, control, power, aggression, fear and anger will cease to exist and unity and love to be felt by all.

Do you manipulate and control others? Do you have anger or live in fear or are you unable to express your feelings and show your vulnerabilities? Do you want to gain deeper connections with loved ones and eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation  These feelings and behaviours are not natural to the human race, these have occurred due to the false feminine energy. Totto and I are currently helping others to connect back to the natural rhythm of life, removing the density away so that person can see their own beauty and express it with honesty without fear of judgement or rejection. A path that will lead us back to who we truly are.

Connecting with The Blue Avians

Since Totto entered into my life I have been on a journey within, to find the true me, the me I was suppose to be before the Reptilians and dark messed around with me and its been eye opening, painful but very freeing.

When talking to Totto his words effect me on a very deep level. A level that I generally ignore and pretend doesn’t exist. A place that I thought I hid very well. We were chatting and his said something that triggered off 6 hours of a mental and physical battle within. I couldn’t leave my room or even my bed, I couldn’t lie still either. I was in the biggest battle of my life. All I saw in my minds eye was a long road and on each side with gigantic reptillians, beating the shit out of me. I couldn’t escape however hard I tried. My physical body was in pain, as at the same time I was releasing the darkness and I could actually feel the dense emotion rise up from my base chakra out through my crown and it was physically painful. There was so much of it and with each emotion released the better I felt. I knew whatever was going on was a gift and therefore I didn’t resist too much of the process. I suspect what I was seeing in my minds eye was what the reptilians did to me in the astral when I was a child. They taught me not to fight, that I was powerless and that they had all the power and put foundations down within me that I must FEAR all the time. During the emotional cleansing of the dense energy, I started to learn to fight back and within a few hours I was beating the shit out of these reptilians and I realized  that I had the power and that I wasn’t to fear anymore. I was healing my inner child which all my life had been in fear.

After the mental and physical battle I was exhausted. I have never felt so tired in my life. A different tired. My mind, body and light body felt close to death. I couldn’t think or even move and I was completely numb. I then felt a presence standing over me in my room, I could feel the warmth and gentle energy from this being and I felt safe and protected. Peace washed over me. The being picked me up, and a blue humanoid bird was holding me very protectively and without question I just sank down into the being as he flew across the universe. We ended up in a sphere and my consciousness changed point of view and I was viewing the blue bird holding me. She lay my body down and my body died and out of my body came a beautiful strong blue bird. My consciousness merge with this being and I could feel the  physical strength in her legs and her wings were so powerful, I felt completely free. When I flapped my wings high vibrational energy washed over me and there was no way I wanted to be human again. However, the blue bird who brought me to this place and another consciousness which I couldn’t see was telling me that I had to return to Earth. I refused as the emotion of going back was complete sadness, as there is so much pain and suffering on Earth. They reassured me that it was the last leg of my journey and that I will return home soon and that I had done the hard parts and now it was my time to shine on Earth. Deep within me I knew that they were right and I started the decent down to Earth  and before I knew it I was on my bed, crying. I reached for my phone and typed Blue Bird Star Seed into Google and up popped many pages with information regarding these ET’s, which are called Blue Avians. A page I felt drawn to described these types of star-seeds and I just sat and cried as the remembrance of who I was touched my very core and knowing that I was far more then I thought was very overwhelming.

I had been told in the past that I was a reptilian prior to this life on Earth and I have also been told I was a Earth Angel. However taking the journey within with the help of Totto, I was able to experience who I was on a much deeper level and start the process of releasing the darkness. This all came from within which is very empowering. We as humans search outside of ourselves to try and find out who we are. We may go and see psychics or someone in the awakened field but we already know as it lies deep within us. We need to take the journey and discover our true self and don’t be scared, because its beautiful.

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Reptilians Target The Psychic Empathic Child – Part Two

I wanted to write a follow up due to the attention the first article received. The article resonated with a lot of people and many were able to connect some dots that were otherwise unconnected before.

Since the publication of the article many psychic and empathetic people have contacted me wanting to share their stories and it has become apparent that these beautiful people who have been attacked since a child need healing . They want to talk about what they have experienced and by doing this, healing is taking place. I suppose I’m not a normal counselor, I have connection to the Blue Avian Beings and when connecting with me they are with me, helping with the healing. Plus there aren’t many counselors out there who can fully understand and give compassion to these types of experiences that many people have had from abductions, mind control, narcissistic abuse, paranormal activity, psychic attacks etc etc.

My colleague who is my beautiful friend called Totto who has an in-depth understanding of self and being able to see the potential of every being. He has the abilities of detaching the dense energy within a being which can include possessions, detachments, implant removals and mind control programs. Totto is a truly beautiful person and I’m very blessed to be on this journey with him.

With the combination of Totto and myself our aim is for the being to return back to their original state  before the abuse from the dark began. Many empathic and psychic beings having suffered many forms of abuse from friends, family and dark beings. It is now their time to heal and transcend all the darkness and by doing that they will be able to get on with their mission here on Earth, which the dark have tried to stop since their incarceration on this planet

The journey back to your original state is not to be taken lightly, as there maybe parts of your personality that may be very painful to realise but to bring out your true beauty one must transcend the darkness. However, you will receive the support of both of us along the way. What I love about the process, is that its not someone in the conspiracy field telling you what you are, you will experience this yourself!

You will always have complete control. Totto and myself will just be assisting you back to your original self.

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Dolores Cannon And The Aliens

I discovered Dolores Cannon On You Tube. If you don’t know of her then please You Tube her. An amazing lovely warm lady who has done so much work in helping people increase their conscious awareness. She created Quantum Healing Hypnosis and had been in the UFO field for generations. She discovered that you could regress a person and then take that person deeper to have direct contact with their higher-self. She also discovered the higher-self could answer all questions regarding that persons life and conduct a physical healing on them. Very powerful stuff!

She was teaching her Quantum Healing Techniques to people who wanted to learn the technique and was going from country to country to do this. I didn’t know at the time that I would be on one of them and by learning that therapy it would take me down some scary but enlightening avenues. If I had known that the therapy would be a link in me encountering  Reptilians, Greys, Jinns and Light beings I’m not sure I would have taken the plunge.  I also didn’t know that Dolores herself would support me from the spirit world after her death in 2014. In fact it was her who asked me to write this blog!

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Motherships and The Source

I was 27, which is an interesting age as lots of programmed famous celebrities die at 27 years old (Google the 27 club), but when I was 27 I woke up to my reality and other realities around me.

I just got married and was backpacking around Asia and I read a book called Thanks For The Memories by Cathy O’Brien, which blew me away. At the time, I was obsessed by crappy celebrity magazines which all they did was make me feel fat and ugly, but I still read them. Crazy huh! But Cathy O’Brien talked about being a sex slave to the most powerful people in the World and projected a very different reality in what we call the celebrity world. She also talked about being programmed and not knowing she was programmed, which I found fascinating. How can someone be programmed and not know it? Through reading her book, I learnt we are all programmed and the programming starts straight away, as soon as we enter into a tiny baby’s body, our DNA structures us, we feel our mother emotions, learn her fears, her highs. We receive programming from our governments through TV and schooling. Its pretty impossible not to be programmed when you decide to take the challenge of being human on Earth.

I was in Malaysia on a night bus listening to my music on my headphones. I was thinking about the book and how I had been programmed. Got me thinking about who the hell was I. What was I before the programs began?? And at that moment I asked that question to myself my life changed forever.  Part of my consciousness was lifted out of my body, it was like someone opened up my skull and my consciousness raised up a little above my body. I then felt pure love flow through my consciousness and body. Lots of information was given to me during this moment but I cant recollect it all. However, I knew the love was not from this world, it was being projected to me from outside this reality and it was so strong, so beautiful I just wanted to fully leave my body. I wanted to go to the source of this great powerful beautiful energy as I knew that is all I wanted and needed. All I wanted what that energy, nothing else just love. The love we feel here on Earth is tiny in comparison to the love I felt at that time. I was given a choice to stay or to go but I decided to stay as I didn’t want to leave my husband alone and fear crept in.  However, the energy gave me my answer to my question. Who was I before I was programmed and the answer from The Source was PURE LOVE.

We are all Pure Love projected down into this reality, this reality is not real, but it looks and  feels so real that getting caught up in it is so easy to do even for the awakened kind.

Strangely, I pulled away and sank back down into my body. I immediately looked out of the window of the bus and saw we were driving over the bridge into Kuala Lumpur. The Sun was beginning to rise and I could see three Mother Ships stationed in the sky over the city. The ships were so large and heavy but they were afloat over the city. I was is complete awe of it. How can we not see these ships all the time?. What are they doing over Kuala Lumpur? Who or what is in these ships? I received answers to some of this questions but I’m still open to what I saw. I feel these ships are over every city in the world. They are owned by an alien race which harvest negative energy from Mother Earth and Us. The reason they are over the cities is because that can feed/collect/harvest lots of negative energy in one area. I believe we don’t see these ships all the times as they are vibrating slightly out of our vision and therefore only when we break outside the normal vibration can we see these ships.

The days, weeks and months ahead were very strange, I was like a baby with new eyes, seeing a new reality for the first time even though I had lived in this reality for 27 years, but the one that was presenting its self to me was completely different.

Astral Travels with Dolores Cannon

I was meditating this evening and Dolores Cannon came and visited me. I haven’t practiced for a few months, but she came and said hello and enlightened me on a subject which I wish to share.

Dolores asked me to merge with Mother Earth. I did and it was incredible! At first, I tried to ground her and felt all connections she has with every planet in this universe, like the cords we have with one another. Every planet is connected by cords of energy. Imagine earth connected to every planet in a DNA structure, straight down and in a figure of 8, that is how all energy is connected, in that format. Mother Earth is a tiny part of a gigantic structure which looks like the DNA structure. We are an important planet not because we are special in anyway, but like an domino effect, if one domino is not placed properly it will effect the rest of the dominos and therefore will not fulfill it’s duty or job in connecting all structure energy together.
I also felt her chakras and her solar chakra was blocked, her power! She has so much power, but is not using it. I felt this also mirrored the human race and therefore we are evolving together and the next step for Humans and Earth is to realise our power,  not to be frightened of it. We can use our power in a way to achieve massive changes that maybe painful at first, but will lead to long standing empowerment, higher vibrations and continued evolution of all energy in that we are connected too. I.e Earth, humans , Solar system, the whole of consciousness.  It’s like the whole of the Solar System will bounce higher and who knows maybe all of the planets are going through these changes of evolution as well. Higher vibrations and enlightenment is coming. Keep your chakras clear and when decisions are needed, action to be taken, use your God Given Power and Use it.

I was also shown a planet that we are connected to which only holds dark energy, no light at all which is filtering dark energy into our planet which is why dark occurred on our planet in the beginning. Once Earth has cleared her chakra she will block this infiltration. The only dark we will have is that inside of us to transform into light.

I was also shown that due to gaining her power back all nature will become more powerful including us as the energy will infiltrate into the collective. Even the unconscious individual will become conscious of our connection to everything. I was then shown that the farming industry will  change dramatically, as people will feel so connected to animals that slaughtering them in the way that we do will be impossible to do. Our whole structure will change as people will feel more powerful to make the changes.
People will move to live in nature and low vibrations of depression and loneliness will be released as unity and connection will be felt instead